EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Josh Keaton

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Josh Keaton

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Josh Keaton

The voice actor, best known for his work on The Spectacular Spider-Man was able to answer some of my questions, reflecting on some of his early work, and the possibility of making his own animated project, hit the jump to check it out.

I got the chance to interview Josh Keaton, talking about how long he's been in the voice acting business, along with past and more recent projects such as Green Lantern The Animated Series and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

How long have you been in the voice acting business?

"I've been involved with voice-acting since I was a kid. I was a child actor but I auditioned mostly for on-camera work so my early voice over experience was somewhat limited. I did manage to land some fun parts though. I was Linus on Peanuts for a minute, Doc Brown's brainy kid Jules in "Back to the Future: The Animated Series," and one of the lost boys in "Peter Pan and the Pirates."

You are best known for voicing Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man series, but many fans might not know you provided the voice for a young Hercules. Did you provide some of the singing portions as well?

"I originally recorded the singing portions but I was going through a voice change at the time and couldn't hold out the "money note" at the end of the reprise as long and strong as they wanted so they called in Roger Bart to pinch hit. There's a cassette copy of my version somewhere in my parents' house."

In the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance you voiced Johnny Storm/ Human Torch. When recording, did you collaborate with the other actors, or did you go over lines on your own?

"In that particular game, I recorded solo; just me and the mic. That's usually the process with video games, although that's slowly changing. I prefer more interactive sessions where you act opposite another actor. Every takes on a better, more organic energy."

Speaking of games, when the Spider-Man game based on the 2002 film was in production, you went in to record lines for Harry Osborn, was it weird not getting the opportunity to voice Spidey since Tobey Maguire was called in?

"Crap, was that really a decade ago? Hopefully my arthritic hands can finish typing this. I actually did record as Spidey. We recorded the entire game before they knew that they would get Tobey so when all of that was finalized they just put in a play mode with my audio as Harry. It's really just another Spidey playthrough with the goblin costume. I didn't really feel one way or another about it as I'd never played Spidey in anything at that point. I was just happy that they kept me in the game in some way. People get swapped out all the time in this business, though. You have to get used to it."

How challenging was it doing the voice for such an iconic character; was you nervous at all?

"Not so much nervous as excited. Spidey has always been my favorite comic character so I already had a voice and portrayal in my head before I even auditioned."

Green Lantern was a hit show, but ultimately met its fate by getting canned. How did you react to this situation?

"You just carry on. Cancellation is part of the business and while disappointing, it's something the actor has absolutely no control over. All I can do is put forth my best work and leave everything else to the powers that be."

Would you be interested in tackling any other superhero roles in the future?

"Absolutely! I've already been very fortunate to be able to check many off of my VO bucket list."

Any interest in creating your own animated project?

"Yes. My wife and I have been developing several ideas. She's hilarious."

Transformers: Prime is currently in its third season, could there be a possibility of a fourth?

"I have no clue. They don't tell the actors much about those kinds of decisions."

I'm an aspiring voice actor, so what would you say is the most difficult obstacle for getting into this field?

"I'd say the hardest part is getting your foot in the door. The same voice actors get used quite a bit which can make it tough for someone new to break in. Keep practicing so when the opportunity comes up, you're ready to kill it. If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready."

Keep up the great work man, thanks for your time.

"No prob!"
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