EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Marvel Comics Artist And Author Skottie Young

<font color="red">EXCLUSIVE:</font> Interview With <em>Marvel Comics</em> Artist And Author <em>Skottie Young</em>

CBM’s own Mark Julian interviews 4-time Eisner Award winner Skottie Young. You’ve seen his artwork on Marvel titles like The Marvelous Land of Oz, New X-Men, and Cable & Deadpool to name a few. In this exclusive interview, we discuss his upcoming writing duties on Magneto: Not A Hero, his Eisner wins, and DC's relaunch.

Chances are, if you've been reading Marvel over the last few years then you've seen Skottie Young's evocative artwork in the pages of New X-Men, Cable & Deadpool, and on a slew of various covers. Recently, I had the chance to chat with the immensely talented artist about a wide-range of topics. If you're only a reader of mainstream Marvel titles then you may not know that Skottie provides artwork on the publishers The Marvelous Land of Oz however, his industry peers have definitely noticed. The series has earned Skottie a number of coveted, Eisner Awards. This November, Skottie makes a big splash onto the writing side of comics with the miniseries, Magneto: Not A Hero. Below, you can listen to a few of the topics we discussed, chief amongst them being his endeavor to tell the transition of Erik Lensherr from X-Men villain to X-Men ally.

-Discusses his art style
-1:39 On adapting The Wizard of Oz into comic form
-2:38 His contributions on Marvel's Shame Itself
-3:46 Discusses the challenge of writing Magneto: Not A Hero
-5:12 How the challenges of writing a comic book differ from drawing one
-6:55 Does winning his 4th Eisner Award feel the same as the 1st
-7:48 Reveals what comics he's currently reading
-8:56 On whether he's pro-digital or pro-traditional when it comes to reading comics
-9:34 His thoughts about the DC relaunch

If you really are interested in hearing how he got his start at Marvel Comics then be sure to head over to his blog, www.SkottieYoung.com where he has that story along with some insightful anecdotes and crazy awesome sketches.

Be sure to also checkout the cool web comic, SCATTERWOOD that he produces with Scott Morse over at SkottieScott.com.

You can find Skottie on Twitter @skottieyoung.

Skottie Young is an American comic book artist and illustrator from Chicago, Ill. who works exclusively for Marvel Comics. He is the artist on several Marvel titles including New Warriors, Human Torch, Spider-Man Legend of the Spider Clan and New X-Men. He's done covers for books like Cable/Deadpool, Spiderman, Deadpool, Ironman, and many others.

He has gained critical acclaim for his work on the New York Times Best Selling and Eisner Award winning series The Wonderful Wizard of Oz published by Marvel Comics.

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