FIRST LOOK: X-23 One Shot

FIRST LOOK: X-23 One Shot

FIRST LOOK: X-23 One Shot

Marjorie Liu talks on a new project... a one-shot for X-23!

Marjorie Liu was asked about writing X-23 vs writing Daken:

Unlike Daken, Laura was raised in a lab, brainwashed, under constant supervision (receiving some kindness from her surrogate mother), and then later abused sexually - after which she eventually found her way to the X-Men. Logan, I'm sure, was the first male role model in her life who treated her decently, and with affection. All this, and she's still a teen.

Despite the fact that she's powerful, dangerous, and ruthless, Laura is, still, just a kid. Okay, maybe I shouldn't say "just a kid," but she's a young teen girl who has been through hell. She's spent her entire life being used - mostly by men in authority - and she's just beginning to realize what that means, and what a mental trap she's found herself in: this odd circle of power and powerlessness that she keeps returning to.

She's not fixed in her personality - not by a long shot. But she's got a long road to travel before she can stand fully on her own. She knows,intellectually, that she can, but actually living that independent life is not as easy as it sounds. Not when she's been conditioned, from birth, to rely on certain power structures.

When asked what the one-shot would be about she said:

Power and powerlessness, the cages we put ourselves in without realizing it, the strength it takes to stand up for ourselves when people are hurting us – not physically, but mentally. Friendship, love, hope - I tried to cover all the bases for Laura!

As for the plot, it's rather simple: Laura and Logan come to New York to help an old friend of his (Jubilee, as a matter of fact), and Laura picks up Kiden's scent. She follows it, finds them - and someone else finds her. Someone very powerful, who wants to control her life. Something, unfortunately, that she's all too familiar with.

The greatest enemy one ever faces is one's own self. With Laura, this is taken to a much deeper level, with higher stakes. She must take that first step in becoming her own person, or else risk losing her identity altogether.

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SoratheKey - Seems like a good idea, the problem for me is it's a one-shot, so there's not much to go on... I'm not sure if I'm excited for this or not...
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