Mark Waid On Daredevil Villains!

Mark Waid On Daredevil Villains!

Mark Waid On Daredevil Villains!

Mark Waid talks with the folks from Marvel about Daredevil's villains, those he has faced before, and what he has in store for the Guardian Devil.

With a new creative team helming Matt Murdock's return to Hell's Kitchen as the "Man Without Fear" in this years' Dardevil #1, writer Mark Waid shares his thoughts with Marvel Comics on Daredevil villains, and ones he's never faced before. What sets Daredevil’s villains apart from others?

Mark Waid: Daredevil's rogues' gallery has more men on stilts than any other. Kidding. I kid. Matt's enemies are, by and large, pretty creepy but not world-beaters, which is great. As good as he is, I don't know that DD would survive long against, say, Immortus or the Skrull Empire. It's a good mix of slightly stronger-than-street-level-variety foes.

What types of villains do you feel pose the greatest threat to Daredevil?

The ruthless ones; the ones who cannot be appealed to on any human level whatsoever. Not that DD's much on debate skills during a fight, but the more sociopathic the enemy, the more Daredevil is hard-pressed to avoid the temptation to simply "remove" them.

Who is your personal favorite of Daredevil’s villains?

The Purple Man, who can influence behavior. Daredevil's always at a disadvantage with villains who aren't physical threats that can be punched or perceived with radar sense.

Who do you consider Daredevil’s greatest foe?


We already know Daredevil will be facing The Spot and Klaw in your series—what other villains can we expect?

Mole Man's a name that keeps coming up. But not every story arc will involve a super villain; Daredevil remains his best when he's a crime fighter on a relatively realistic level.

Who has Daredevil never faced that you’d like to see him go up against?


I’m going to list off some of Daredevil’s seminal villains and you give me your thoughts on them as well as any potential plans for the series, beginning with The Kingpin…



Coming, but not necessarily in the pages of DAREDEVIL itself.

Typhoid Mary…

Love her. Keep reading.

Mister Fear…

Not a great name, but terrific potential and high on the list of possible returnees, maybe at the top.

The Hand…


The Owl…

Working on rebuilding him even now.


Poor Melvin. Only if I can come up with a new take on the guy.

Did I leave anybody out who you think warrants inclusion?

You left out Matador, Cobra and Mister Hyde. You also left out Leapfrog and Stilt-Man, but you said "warrants inclusion," so that's okay.

Who is Daredevil’s most underrated opponent?


Who do you never need to see Daredevil take on again?

Anyone named "Fisk."
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