Marvel Character Set To Appear Alongside Nathan Fillion In Castle!

Marvel Character Set To Appear Alongside Nathan Fillion In <I>Castle</I>!

Marvel and ABC have already teamed up for a comic book adaptation of the hit ABC show, but it has today been revealed that a Marvel Comics character will make an appearance next season! Hit the jump for more...

IGN TV report that the ABC portion of the 'Television Critics Association' saw the networks president Paul Lee reveal that a Marvel comic book character will be turning up in the next season of Castle, starting actor Nathan Fillion.

"You know, I don't know if I'm allowed to say it, but we've got a really cool storyline with a Marvel character that appears on Castle this year. If you guys haven't seen the finale for Castle from this past season, it's extraordinary. [Castle creator] Andrew Marlow is really hitting his stride. And that was an underrated show that really found its momentum. And there's one episode, and I'm probably giving away a secret and I shouldn't because Andrew is going to kill me, with a Marvel superhero character. Andrew is so smart. He's always thinking ahead. He's got an amazing Halloween episode, so I think I give Andrew all the credit – although the Marvel guys are superb."

Of course, Castle is a show set firmly in the "real" world, so I doubt we'll be seeing the Hulk or Captain America paying a visit. While it's most likely that this appearance will be a regular person in a fancy dress costume, it IS possible it could be an actual comic book character. With ABC developing A.K.A. Jessica Jones, might we see the private detective make a cameo appearance? I certainly wouldn't rule it out! Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

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