Marvel & Disney Schedule Two Movies For 2014!

Marvel & Disney Schedule Two Movies For 2014!

Disney and Marvel have scheduled two untitled projects for 2014, one of them is set to be released in May and the other film has a release date one week before July 4th. More after the jump!

Let the speculation begin!

Via Box Office Mojo, Disney has released a schedule of upcoming films to shareholders and investors that shows two new Marvel movies having the scheduled dates of 5/16/14 and 6/27/14 to be exact.

What do you think these two movies are going to be? We've recently received reports that an Ant-Man script was just turned in [Ant-Man Update]. We've also recently heard that Doctor Strange [Doctor Strange Update] and Guardians of the Galaxy [Guardians of the Galaxy Update] are in active development. CBM Editor Mark Cassidy reported not too long ago that Quentin Rampage Jackson recently met with Marvel to discuss Luke Cage [Rampage Jackson Marvel Meeting]. Although it should be noted that Jeff Loeb stated that Luke Cage would appear in AKA Jessica Jones [AKA Jessica Jones Update], that doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility of Luke Cage showing up on the big screen as we will be seeing both a TV Hulk and an Avengers Hulk.

The Avengers Release Date is May 4, 2012
Iron Man 3 Release date is May 3, 2013
Thor 2 Release Date is July 26, 2013

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