MARVEL President On Movies Influencing Comics "That's What We Should Be Doing."

MARVEL President On Movies Influencing Comics  "That's What We Should Be Doing."

The president of Marvel Entertainment speaks on the growing complaint among comic fans that Marvel comics are becoming increasingly affected by films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read on for more details!

A common complaint among many Marvel fans is the obvious spill over from the films in the MCU into the comic continuity. Some have felt that it takes away the artistic integrity of the Marvel brand when the course of the comics the movies are based on are forced to adhere to the more popular films

Marvel Entertainment president Dan Buckley recently sat down for a candid interview with ICv2 in which he addressed this complaint

"In order to help the print business we need to get as many people as possible excited about the content we're delivering to them, and the less confusing it is for them to engage in our product, the more success we're going to have."

He continued, "Does Marvel give editorial direction on what you can and cannot do with our characters? Yes. We did that before we made movies and before we went to Disney. That’s what the editorial group does here for a living. … But this is pretty much the same stuff we've been doing for 10 years in publishing in relationship to the film folks. We just got better at it when we started making our own films because we could have a better sense of what each other was doing."

Buckley finished by stating that Marvel's usual routine is to "build some heat around a character [in comics] 18 months to a year before the movie releases...."
though he adds that Marvel was "caught flat-footed with Avengers … because we realized we didn't have a definitive Thanos book."

What do you guys think? This is something that's happened ever since the early 2000s, but has definitely increased over the past 7 years. Is this hurting the stories in the comics? Or is this a great way to build interest in the comic industry and grab the hearts and minds of non comic readers?

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