Marvel Reintroduce Trading Cards For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Relaunch

Marvel Reintroduce Trading Cards For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Relaunch

The '90s kids will remember the comic trading card era very well. In certain bagged issues we'd receive a character card, and they were completely awesome..although I'm not really sure why! Check out the GOTG range which will debut with the upcoming title relaunch..

This March, Guardians of the Galaxy #1 launches in style with special limited edition trading cards, ONLY available at select retail shops hosting a launch party! That’s right, one of the biggest launches of the year just got bigger with one of a kind collector’s items! Courtesy of blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis (All New X-Men, Age Of Ultron) and Steve McNiven (Civil War, Old Man Logan), fans are in for the ride of their life as the Guardians of the Galaxy put their lives on the line for the sake of the Marvel Universe. There’s a new rule in the galaxy, and it’s put Earth off limits to any outsiders. But why has Earth become so important? That’s what Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot AND Iron Man are about to discover.

But that’s not all! ONE of these trading cards will not be as readily available as the others. But which one? Well you’ll have to head on over to a local participating retailer to find out!

Between this, the die cut covers from DC and the foil covers from Marvel, comics seem to have entered a time warp..not that I'm complaining. You can nab one of teh above trading cards when you pick up a copy of Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 from any launch parties held by participating retailers.

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