MCU: Phase Three - My Vision

MCU: Phase Three - My Vision

MCU: Phase Three - My Vision

In this article I'll be going over idea's of how Phase Three of the MCU could go, please read and share your ideas.

As I said in the summary, this article will go over some basic idea's I have on how the movies of the Marvel cinematic universe's phase three may go, I know we all have our own idea's and I'm sure most of you will think I'm way off but, i'd like to hear your opinions.

I'm not going to go into whole plot idea's, but instead make guesses and suggestions on how certain things could play out, and later evolve into larger parts later on.

I'll be saying where I'd like to see the other Infinity Stones/Gems turn up, aswell as where characters end up and appear again.

So lets start off with,

Captain America: Civil War

Now obviously we know, A. Captain America and Ironman will go head to head, each having a team a fighting out a yet unknown international incident which requires all superheroes to be regulated, and B. there is going to be something more dangerous rising as the heroes fight among themselves.

I think its obvious HYDRA will be behind this international incident, and with Daniel Bruhl cast as Helmut Zemo and Frank Grillo back as Brock Rumlow/Crossbones, I think these characters have so far been overlooked and will play a much large role.

Crossbones I think will be used to act as a diversion or a pawn in Zemos larger plan which takes place as the civil war breaks out and the heroes come to blows.
I also think that Zemo will be secretly behind this incident, that leads the goverment to enforce the regulation act that Tony Stark will jump behind. 

Now we have been told this movie will be Avengers 2.5 so maybe we will find out Zemo had a hand in things during Age of Ultron, or he has taken his hand to the effect the events of that movie had on the world.

Next I have an idea of how the next Infinity Stone/Gem could be inculded, Black Panther has been said to be on Tony's side during the civil war, what if he offers Tony a gift from Wakanda, a certain mystic power source found there that he believes will benefit Tony's side.
Now what if this power source is the Time Gem in disguise?

During the climatic battle towards the movies ending, Ironman having crafted this gift into a last resort weapon of some kind, fires it off believing it to be his only chance in gaining the upper hand, but without his knowing this power source is far more powerful than anyone realised.
The Time Gem goes off threatening to destory and kill many in its radius and so Steve Rogers sacrafices himself to save everyone in the gems path, thus dieing the hero.

And as a cool easter egg, Tony names the power source/weapon 'Project: Thunder God', leading to the next meeting of Thor and Ironman to go somewhat like this,

I'd like to see a small mention of Hank Pym if not an apperance, such as Scott Lang/Antman mentioning to Steve that Dr.Pym told him to give that smart ass Stark one for him, giving the indication that there is a bitterness between Hank and Tony.
Spider-Man's apperance I can't even make a guess to, I'd like to think it will be something like we first see Spider-Man when Tony says he has picked up a few fighters of his own and we see Spider-Man going into battle with one of Cap's team, and then during the climatic battle during the end we see Spider-Man realize its the other team he wants to support. (Yes I know how that sounded).

Doctor Strange

Now I have to admit, I don't know hwere to start with this as I've never been a big reader of Doctor Strange, and I believe I only have one or two trade backs of the title in my collection.

But I do think this movie will take place well into Stephen Strange's Sorcerer Supreme career, I hope we get a mention as to why he didn't appear in Civil War, hopefully a true to the source "I was meditating to find an equal solution" sort of comment.

Now here's where the sixth and final, Infinity Stone turns up, during a scene in which Doctor Strange is travelling a mystic realm, he comes across the gem in a strange form, he is interested in it due to the power it gives off and decides to take it back to the Sanctum Sanctorum for further investivation.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

This is personally my most anticipated movie, I'm most excited for this as I fell in love with the first movie, which was always going to happen due to being a fan of the Guardians Of The Galaxy for years.

Now remember when the movie had not long been released and legendary actor Al Pacino expressed how much he had enjoyed it, and then we hear he had met with Marvel and talked about a role.
I believe they may have spoke of him playing Star Lords father, now we know his father will be revealed in the sequel and that he won't be J'son/ Jason of Spartax, so possibily this new concept of Star Lords father will be played by Al Pacino.

Otherwise I'd like to see this movie be about, The Guardians taking on a ruthless evil ruler of another world, that calls out to the team to help them be free of this titans ruthless rule.


Takes place just before Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1.

This movie is just going to be a relief, because no matter what happens we know in Kevin Feige's hands the character is safe.

I personally would like to see an Ultimate Spider-Man take, putting Peter Parker back in school for the series of films, we now officially know that Peter will be aged 15 in CA: Civil War, and it was recently stated that in Civil War we will have been Spider-Man for a year, so by this movie it will have been two years.

I'd like to see Spider-Man go up against Kraven the Hunter, see it's been told that up until CA: Civil War, Spider-Man will be an urban legend among New Yorkers, so I can see Kraven coming to New York to hunt down this urban myth, becoming a danger to the streets that our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man must defeat.

I want to stick with one villain, sure mention Norman Osbourne, In fact one of Amazing Spider-Man's stronger points was the way he was mentioned in that first movie but never seen, until they ruined that in the second.

Thor: Ragnarok

Taking place right after Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Ragnarok, a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of many Asgardians and possibily Asgard itself.

This movie needs to be dark, darker than any of the previous Marvel movies, Thor needs to be in danger throughout, and we need to see many Asgardians fall in battle, as the dark demon lord Surtur wages war and brings his armies to Asgard.
Loki will reveal what happened to Odin and both will fall, Thor will be the last Asguardian standing.

I can see it now, Asgard is reduced to piles of burnt ash, molten metal and smoke, the bodies of dead Asgaurdians lie in heaps, Thor stands weakened but not defeated, his eyes focused on the oncoming swarms of Surtur's demon's, Surtur marches through them ready to kill the god of thunder.

Thor throws everything he has, destroying the armies and blocking anymore from coming, it is just the large fearsome Surtur stood tall, Thor looks up to him and swings Mjolnir, Surtur swings back to attack and then 'CRACK' a large bright and heavy bolt of lightng comes down, leaving the battle area empty.
Mjolnir drops to the ground, smoking coming off it, is Thor dead or alive?, we don't know as a thick black smoke smothers the land, Asgard is dead and now an empty waste land of blackness.

The movie ends, with Thanos sat on his floating throne in the stars, he sees a star go out, a large grin forms on his face and he turns to look at earth,

"It is time"

Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1

Takes place about a year after Captain America: Civil War.

This movie like Thor: Ragnarok needs to be dark, not as dark but dark non the less, I want to see Tony Stark dealing with the guilt he feels over Steve Rogers death, knowing that he pulled the trigger that lead to Steve's brave sacrafice.
Certain members of Captain America's team from Civil War have joined up with Stark's New Avengers in memory of Steve, this team is made of Ironman, Black Widow, Antman, Warmachine, The Vision, Scarlet Witch and introduces us to Captain Marvel.

Thanos sends forces to earth to find the Mind Gem, the Soul Gem and the Time Gem, these forces are made up of Chitauri, and two other speices.
Due to these forces searching the Earth for the Gem's the Avengers meet Doctor Strange, who we disscover Tony has been taking therapy like sessions with, the Soul Gem is in Doctor Strange's possesion in the Sanctum Sanctorum, these aliensget away with the gem and leave the Avengers startled, Tony's worst fears made reality now the Chitauri are back and not alone.

Wakanda comes under attack and Black Panther kills a large alien beast, revealing that Tony asked T'Challa to protect the Time Gem, Tony instructs T'Challa to board the Quinjet he gave him and get the gem as far away as he can.
T'Challa's Quinjet is brought down by alien ships and lands in the ocean where he is believed to be dead.

As the Avengers fight off alien forces, Thanos lets his presence be known as he lands on Earth introducing himself and killing The Vision taking the Mind Gem from Vision's forehead.

Here are some point's I think are important to let this movie give an effective lasting feeling that make's you bite your nails in excitment for the sequel,
  • Thanos single handly defeats the Avengers.
  • Earth is in danger from Thanos and his armies.
  • Bucky is the new Captain America, but he is not working with the Avengers, he onyl seems to be in contact with Falcon and Nick Fury (who's wherabouts are unknown).
  • The Time Gem and Black Panthers saftey is not known.
  • Thanos declares he will become Earth's new ruler.
  • The Avengers lie defeated.

But as all seems lost, we get a voice over from a familiar voice, floating just above Earth, using a cloaking device, The Milano watches the Earth, Peter Quill/Star Lord, Rocket, Drax, Groot and Gamora watch as Thano's armies invade.

Rocket has the closing line with,

"This is the peice of crap, we're here to save?"

Black Panther

Taking place around the same time as Ironman

Acting as an origin, set before Captain America: Civil War, we see T'Challa becoming the Black Panther and becoming ruler of Wakanda after his fathers dead.

Again I never collected much Black Panther stuff, do I don't feel I should attempt to try with this movie.

Captain Marvel

Taking place between Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Captain America Civil War.

Now its pretty much assumed that with movie will focus on, Carol Danvers/Ms.Marvel, but I'd like it to include Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell.

Mar-Vell, is sent to Earth to observe Earth's progress in space travel, but falls in love with the planet, when an alien threat threatens to take over, Mar-Vell comes to the rescue but is mistaken as the threat itself.
Taken prisoner on Earth he meets Carol Danvers, Danvers is acting director of the facility holding Mar-Vell, when a new threat rises.

Kree soldiers sent to take over for Mar-Vell, disscover he has been captured and are tasked with eliminating him for his failure to stay hidden, this involves destorying the facility with a Kree Psyche-Magneton, Mar-Vell saves Danvers but everyone else dies.
The energy from the Magneton somehow causes Carols genetic structure to come fused with Mar-Vells, he dies and she becomes the hero known as Captain Marvel.

Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2

Now this movie I cant even begin to try and give a plot pitch to this movie, but I know the basics of what I want to happen.

- The Avengers need to meet the Guradinas of the Galaxy, for that big team up against Thanos.
- Thanos will have to have an amarda, an army so big the Avengers will be well and truly outnumbered and surrounded.
- All our heroes from the previous movies will have to appear.
- Blackpanther is shown to have survived being shot down, but has lost the Time Gem to the aliens.
- Steve Rogers must return and take over the Captain America role from Bucky, his return is made possible due to the fact that he was killed by the power of the Time Gem and so his soul is released when the Gem is added to the Infinity Gauntlet with the other Gems.
- Bruce Banner/ The Hulk will return in this movie, giving the heroes an advantage as The Hulk is a high heavy hitter.
- Thor returns, proving to be alive, but holds a grudge over Ironman after the events of Civil War.
- Tony reveals he has created another Vision, a new body which he was going to offer to The Vision, this resserects the Vison. 
- Bucky Dies, sacraficing himself to save the rest of the team.
- With Thanos defeated, The Avengers handthe Infinity Gems over to The Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Lord says he knows just who to take them to.


I can only guess this will be an origin story focusing on Blackbolt.

Considering he wouldn't need to use his voice and has the lok down even without the costume on (and the brown hair which is rarely seen) Vin Diesel would be perfect as Blackbolt.
I can also see Rachel McAdams playing the beautiful Medusa, being the voice for her husband Blackbolt.
This movie would focus on their creation, giving us another look at the Kree, the Terrigen Mist and the return of and Avenger, Quicksilver, I thought from the first time I saw Age of Ultron that, Quicksilvers death could be redeemed with this movie, the character has a long history with the Inhumans so maybe this could be the perfect way to bring him back?

Okay so this is only my guess, and hope for Phase Three, I'm bound to be completely wrong and a few of you probably think some of my ideas are horrible but, I'd love to hear your opinions and ideas.
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