Micro-News: INTERSTELLAR Scouting, Fandral Regrets, 616- Miles Morales And More

Micro-News: INTERSTELLAR Scouting, Fandral Regrets, 616- Miles Morales And More

Christopher Nolan is scouting film locations for Interstellar, Josh Dallas laments his busy schedule, Bendis reveals something on the horizon for a 616 Miles Morales and a new critic's tv spot for Game of Thrones.

Brian Michael Bendis revealed on his tumblr that yes, there is a 616-Marvel Universe Miles Morales (as hinted at in the conclusion of Spider-Men) and that yes, there are plans to do something with the character. What those plans are and when they'll be implemented is anyone's guess.

Christoper Nolan is scouting filming locations for his net film project, a sci-fi time travel thriller titled Interstellar which also deals with concepts such as black holes and alternate dimensions. Reportedly, The Dark Knight Rises director was in Iceland over Easter to scout film locations.

Unsurprisingly, Josh Dallas is a little bummed out that his Once Upon a Time schedule didn't permit him to film Thor: The Dark World.

"Of course there was disappointment there. It was a movie I loved doing, and I was super-excited by going into [the sequel]. That was always the plan, to do the second one. But unfortunately flying from the Once Upon a Time set in Vancouver to London where the second one was shot [would have] just made my head explode. So unfortunately I had to bow out of that role, but Zachary Levi is going to be brilliant and I can't wait to see the second one. I will be the first in line to see it."

Here's a new critic's tv spot for HBO's Game of Thrones which also features brief glimpses of new footage.

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