My Predictions For The Marvel Films Up to 2019

My Predictions For The Marvel Films Up to 2019

TheIncredibleHulksta here, ready to lay out my theories as to what the next few years will hold for the blockbuster Marvel franchise. Read on true believers.

We know Marvel has release dates, but what films should we anticipate to fill these release dates? Well I know jack squat, but that won't stop me from pretending I don't! With Marvel set to announce a few, if not all of the films set to fill these dates, I wanted to place my official picks and we'll just have to wait and see!

July 8th 2016

With the Sorcerer Supreme the farthest along in pre-production, I would bet the following on this film being Doctor Strange:
  • DrDoom's ability to write Fan-Fic
  • Lozzy's love for Elizabeth Olson
  • JD's Glassware
  • Heis' Beanie
  • 99's Playstation 4
That's a lot on the line. Phew. Better be the Sorcerer Supreme right!? In all seriousness, all we're missing in regards to major information regarding he good Doctor is a cast and release date. Undoubtebly these will be announced this Saturday!

Chance That I'm Correct: 99.99%

May 5th, 2017

If I'm using my previous logic that Doctor Strange will be the other 2016 title, then the same logic dictates that since Thor 3 has writers attached, it's farther along then a few other scripts or treatments. Not to say that Marvel couldn't just let loose a fast ball and drop a bomb that they have an Inhumans script (or something similar); but we also have to remember that Marvel is going to aim to release one sequel and one new franchise each year, and this will certainly fit the bill after Doctor Strange and Captain America 3.

Chance That I'm Correct: 85%

July 28 2017

While we all await the arrival of Marvel's most obscure superhero group yet, it's a gamble that many have doubted that Marvel could pull off, but it's one that is looking to produce a sequel.

With rumors of the sequel incorporating loose elements of the Planet Hulk storyline being quashed, I have to wonder what storyline the sequel will follow. While The Korvac Saga is excellent, it may be a bit too large scale for just a Guardians movie. Perhaps something along the lines of say an adaption of The Thanos Imperative, or even a more simpler story involving Adam Warlock and Magus. Either way, I think that Guardians could definitely expand, and if Marvel was quick to get Gunn and co. to start work, the sequel could make the July 2017 release date!

Chance That I'm Correct: 80%

November 3, 2017

With rumors that Carol Danvers appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it stands to reason that the character could make her MCU debut very soon as a new character, or perhaps a pre-existing one (Skye perhaps?)

Chance That I'm Correct: 85%

July 6 2018

With a myriad of villains in the MCU already popping up, it's not out of the realm of impossibility that we could see a few of these villains reformed(?) and sent on a dangerous mission. Deathlok, Winter Soldier (maybe?), Crossbones, Abomination, Iron Monger, Batroc, Justin Hammer, and Graviton are all potential opportunities for a Thunderbolts team. 

Chance That I'm Correct: 70%

November 2, 2018

While it may seem insane for Marvel to dedicate a whole movie to the Mad Titan, I also see it as a film that could run in parallel with the previous movies in the MCU. Meaning that we'd see events fold out that show Thanos collecting the Gems all the while other events happen around him. Infuse a bit of Thanos Rising to give the character some back story before...

Chance That I'm Correct: 0.001%

May 3, 2019

Chance That I'm Correct: 100%

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