Newest Toy Line May Be Marvel's Weirdest Crossover Yet!

Newest Toy Line May Be <i>Marvel's</i> Weirdest Crossover Yet!

SpinMaster has released a new set of toys featuring beloved Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Red Skull, and Wolverine in a new and unexpected form. Find out after the jump!


Yes, Marvel characters will be featured as those little transforming marbles.
The confirmed characters being:
■Wolverine (Black Costume)
■Iron Man
■Iron Man (silver centurion)
■Iron Man (Stealth Armor)
■Iron Man (Extremis Armor)
■The Incredible Hulk
■Captain America
■Captain America (Bucky Barnes)
■Spider Man
■Spider Man (Symbiote Suit)
■Red Skull

Don't ask me why they made these, but what I do know is that these two-packs are $14.99 each.
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