Opinion: Marvel Studios Movies That Should And Shouldn't Be Made

Opinion: Marvel Studios Movies That Should And Shouldn't Be Made

My opinion on what the future of Marvel Movies should do

I have loved the Marvel movies thus far. Iron Man was amazing and the big build up to the Avengers started in a short after credits scene that blew our minds. The movies that followed carried on the torch further building upon the MCU that we know now. The Avengers is now only months away and there is no more build up to this monumental occasion. While many questions are yet to be anwered about the upcoming movie itself, my main focus is on the future of MCU. Of course there will be sequels to all of the tent poll franchises already made but what about the other Marvel characters yet to get movies of there own? This article will show my opinion on the movies others have suggested as well as some that people may have forgotten.

Movies Marvel Shouldn't Make:

Many of you will disagree with most of the movies I will put in this section but I feel that these movies just wouldn't work and would set back Marvel Studios. This is definitely one of them. He is extremely unknown, has very odd villains, and would be very hard to cast/ sell to the general public. The only way this character would work is if he was in a Heroes For Hire movie with Iron Fist. No exclusions

Now a lot of people will have my head for this one but in my opinion this movie would not work very well. He isn't a very interesting character power wise and would be the hardest character to date to sell. His inclusion to the MCU is necessary though, but not in a solo movie. He could be added in the Avengers or Black Panther movie. Wasp would also be lovely to see but should be introduced in the same way as Ant Man

Hear me out on this one before judging me. Agents of Shield movie would be a horrible move for Marvel just for the reason that this movie would focus only on characters that could be saved for the second Avengers movie or, like many are already, be introduced in the Avengers. It already seems that Shield agents will be a main influence on the Avengers and Marvel Universe as a whole, so why should they get their own movie. Too much of these characters would be over kill.

I will group these two in the same category only due to the graphic nature of these two characters. Disney will not let Marvel produce a rated R movie with their name attached to it. I would be very surprised if they did. I am a firm believer that if these two movies are to be made that they should be Rated R. Nothing less would work well. Remember, these two aren't Batman. They kill a lot and having the main character kill in a major Disney movie wouldn't go over well.

This is the one more above all others that I am against. War Machine would be such a horrible idea in my opinion due to the fact that his character is a direct copy of Iron Man, with minor character differences. He would not be able to carry his own movie and would most likely have a cameo of Tony Stark and if that was the case then just save it for Iron Man 3. Yes, an Iron War movie would be cool but then again they kind of already did that.

Movies Marvel Should Make:

With the power of the Power Cosmos and a vast, interestingly unique story and power set, Dr. Strange would be a perfect way of continuing with these great Marvel Movies. Since Dr. Strange is based in a more mystical realm, Harry Potter fans and fans of great CGI would love this movie. The only draw back is that this character isnt well known but with the hype of the Avengers, this film would do very well with the right director and lead actor.

This one is a given. Black Panther has seemingly been alluded to from Iron Man 2 to Captain America. He would be a great way to set up for an Avengers sequel by adding another character to the roster. He is more important than Dr. Strange in the fact that Black Panther is a well known Avenger, although Strange has worked with them before. The African/ Wakandan aspect of this movie would be incredible. The technology shown in this movie would also be a treat to see, as well as explaining Captain America's shield being made of Vibranium.

Many people may feel like this one is a given but there has yet to be any word about a sequel to The Incredible Hulk. I am against the TV show that is being made strictly due to the fact that a CG Hulk takes money, a lot of money and TV budgets wouldn't work well for that. I would love to see Hulk flushed out with his villains on the big screen more and I think Ruffalo is going to be a great HULK!

This is just a dream right now but the fact is that one day soon Fantastic Four will revert back to Marvel. No news on a future FOX FF movie has been heard of in a long time and I feel like this movie would have almost top priority once reverted back to Marvel. Imagine the Avengers alongside The Fantastic Four! So much WIN

Once again, this is only a dream as of right now but like the FF, Daredevil will once day revert back to Marvel and then we can have the Daredevil movie we deserve.

Those are all of the movies I can think of right now. If you have any others that should or shouldn't be made please comment down below.
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