Other Marvel Heroes Joining The MCU? Is It Possible?

Other Marvel Heroes Joining The MCU? Is It Possible?

With other studios such as Sony, and Fox, realizing their mistakes in their own franchises, and comparing their own films to Marvel's The Avengers box office success, only time will tell weather a team up with these characters could be possible.

With the recent news of the X-men producer Lauren Shuler Donner answering she would love to have the X-men in an Avengers movie, (find more on that HERE) many (myself included) began to question the possibilities of this.

Some have feel the MCU should just be about the Avengers, but I like many others would like to see it expand from that. With Guardians Of The Galaxy and other probable non Avengers adaptions (Inhumans, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Defenders) we already are seeing the MCU grow beyond the Avengers. Marvel's The Avengers alone has not only made more money at the box office than every Spider-man film but nearly gained more box office than all five X-men films. Realizing that Marvel has done all of this with lesser known characters, Sony and Fox are just beginning to see how they could benefit from some kind of deal.

But with messed up continuity, down right awful acting, and some terrible adaptions from the Fox-men ahem, X-men franchise do we really want the X-men in the MCU? In my opinion we do, just not Fox's version.

Say what you want about X-men: First Class but besides some really great acting from Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy the film suffers from some terrible acting and dialogue (not to mention poor character adaptions etc.). Just think of X-men: First Class as a Marvel Studios film... You can't can you? Not only does it have no place in terms of continuity with Avengers (people would be used to people having super powers etc.) but it actually can't hold up to even the worst adaptions in the MCU. It also has done away with any continuity from other films making it more like a One-Shot comic. While it was very nearly ruined with the ending scene of The Incredible Hulk, Marvel understands that continuity is IMPORTANT.

On the other hand Fox thinks that each director should have his own separate vision for each film. For instance like The Wolverine is supposed to be in it's own continuity, which is fine, but they mean it's just a One-Shot. I wouldn't even be surprised if they even mess up the continuity from X-men: First Class to X-men: Days Of Future Past making perhaps both of them One-Shots as well.

This may be the reason Marvel has chosen to go with mostly TV directors (Joss Whedon, Alan Taylor, and Anthony and Joe Russo) with their newest slate of films. As pointed out superbly HERE, TV directors are used to having to deal with continuity from episode to episode, and realize if an one episode isn't received well, it could ruin the whole show.

Doubtless no one wants the MCU to be connected to the Fox's Fantastic Four franchise so lets move on to another current non-Marvel Studio related franchise is Sony's The Amazing Spider-man. While Oscorp was nearly placed in the background of New York City in Mavel's The Avengers, Sony and Marvel seem to have a somewhat strained relationship, yet publicly they put up a good front. While I thought that The Amazing Spider-man was either one of the best or the best Spider-man film to date, I still felt it lacking something. The problem is Sony lets their director take the film in any direction they want but then pulls the strings back hard cutting half their ideas out thus making at best, a very scrambled movie. Marvel on the opposite hand, knows what the franchise needs and thus pitches it to the director, yet lets him to make his own take on their vision. This has worked for the most part with success, although with TV directors doing a number of projects for them, it could work even better from here on.

Besides the Ghost Rider franchise, Sony has done a good job with their Marvel franchises, but they still haven't been learning from a lot of their mistakes. They let Sam Raimi do his own thing for two very successful movies, then on the third forced him to make a film he didn't want to make. If they wanted to use Venom for the third movie, they should have hired a director comfortable with him. Marvel isn't afraid to hire someone else if one director isn't comfortable with their vision, Sony shouldn't be either. Sony let Marc Webb craft his vision, yet ultimately cut most of his ideas out of the film. Thus Sony like Fox made themselves another good One-Shot film. Sadly as much I liked Sony's The Amazing Spider-man like the first Spider-man franchise and the X-men franchise, they don't fit in the MCU.

Several have said that Marvel doesn't take risks, yet Marvel has taken more risks than any of the other studios have. Marvel has made several films other studios never touched, and took risks with connecting the continuity of the characters as they could have had successful franchises by themselves. I'm not going to even mention that they made history when they made the multimillion dollar mash-up of genres in Marvel's The Avengers. Oh, wait... I did.

Now, if Fox, and Sony are smart, they should give creative control of the characters yet make a deal where they can both make money from the franchises. It would benefit them both, giving Marvel more film properties to use in their MCU, yet keeping up with the quality of the latest CBM's, and make millions for both studios.

Well, these are my ideas on how a deal with Sony/Fox/Marvel should be made, feel free to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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