Possible Spider-Woman Movie?

Possible Spider-Woman Movie?

It seems that someone is interested in playing Spider-Woman on the big screen.

None other then Vanessa Hudgens is in the front running to play the role of Spider-Woman on the big screen. The "High School Musical" star is said to be one of the front runners to bring miss Spidey to the big screen.

The actress that is currently dating Zac Efron who had taken interest in playing Spider-Man after Tobey Mcguire was said to be done with the role.

Hudgens is reportedly set to play a very different role as an HIV positive heroin addict in "Rent" this summer.


Jessica Miriam Drew, daughter of Jonathan and Merriam Drew, was born in London, England. At a young age, Jessica was lethally poisoned by radiation while living near Mount Wundagore in Transia. In an attempt to save her life, her father injected her with an experimental serum based on irradiated spiders' blood. Because the serum did not have any apparent effect on her, the man who would come to be known as the High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham) placed her in a genetic accelerator. While in the accelerator, she aged at a decelerated rate. When she was finally released, decades later, Drew was only seventeen years old.

Jessica grew up on Mount Wundagore under the care of Lady Bova, one of the High Evolutionary's New Men. She was cared for and received the equivalent of a high school education. She eventually left when she did not appear to fit in. Her first few years were confusing as she adjusted to life among other humans.[2] Eventually, HYDRA, under the control of Count Otto Vermis, found and recruited her as a HYDRA agent.

Through brainwashing and manipulation, she was convinced she was not human but actually an evolved spider. During this time, she went by the alias of Arachne. As a HYDRA agent, she battled Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., until Jessica learned HYDRA's true nature. She quit HYDRA and turned on them, and was responsible for the fatal crash of HYDRA head Otto Vermis.

Mounted88- Now I don't know about everyone else, but I didn't even know a Spider-Woman movie was in the works. As far as looks goe, I think she has it. With that being said, has anyone seen her act? I haven't. You know the deal, comment below. Have an awesome day
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