RUMOR: Bradley Cooper, Joel Edgerton, Lee Pace and Two Others Considered for a MARVEL Role

RUMOR: Bradley Cooper, Joel Edgerton, Lee Pace and Two Others Considered for a MARVEL Role

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook Page is reporting that an inside source has tipped them off on five actors that are up for a part in a Marvel Studios movie. The two other actors on the list are Eddie Redmayne and Joel Kinnaman.

I'm gonna speculate on that rumor and assume that the part they are most likely up for would be Hank Pym, or better known to most as Ant-Man. We know that Edgar Wright has just handed in the final script for the movie, and all these actors share the same fair hair qualities. Can't be Daredevil, because the insider said it was Marvel and not FOX doing the considering. It most likely isn't for Dr. Strange, because once again all five don't share a resemblance to Sorcerer Supreme.

Courtesy of Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook Page


Bradley Cooper who just exited The Crow and was the runner-up to Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern certainly has interest in making a CBM. Good solid actor, but with Paradise Lost beginning filming soon, will he have enough time to do another big movie?


Joel Edgerton is an interesting name. Currently early word on his new movie with Tom Hardy Warrior is very good. Early buzz is saying this might be a breakout performance for him.

Lee Pace who is best known as the star of the canceled but wonderful, Pushing Daisies has the look of Pym in my opinion and the acting chops to pull off any number of roles.


The other two actors I'm not that familiar with and I'd assume they are on the bottom rung. Eddie Redmayne is my least favorite on the list, his performance as Matt Damon's son in The Good Shepherd was jarringly bad.

While Joel Kinnaman was in AMC's tv show, The Killing. He should be familiar to many Marvel fans, because he was also on the short list for Thor.

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