RUMOR: Identity of New Ultimate Spider-Man

RUMOR: Identity of New Ultimate Spider-Man

With Peter Parker's demise in the Ultimate universe, Marvel is cryptically teasing away that someone will don the Spider-Man costume in his absence. One prevalent rumor is that a familiar name but unfamiliar face will don the red and blue.

Everyone's favorite clone, Scarlet Spidey!

Could Earth 1610 Ben Reilly be the new Spidey?

The new Spider-Man in the Marvel Ultimate Universe is set to debut in Ultimate Fallout #4. Internet rumors are running strong across the web that the new Spider-Man will be none other than Ben Reilly. Not to be confused with everyone's favorite clone of the 616, the ultimate version is not a clone of Peter's. From the Marvel wiki:

In the Ultimate Universe, Ben Reilly an African-American lab assistant at Empire State University, working with Curt Connors. He was involved in the creation of Ultimate Carnage by combining DNA from Curt Connors with that of Spider-Man, blended with ingredients from "The Suit" (better known as Venom), making Ultimate Carnage something of a clone of Spider-Man. Incidentally, he refers to Carnage (before its escape) as "Little Ben". At the end of the arc, he stole a second Spider-Man blood sample from the lab.

It was revealed that after Ben took the blood sample, he managed to create the five Spider-Man clones while under the employ of the CIA.

There's also a rumor that the new Spider-Man will be featured in the new Disney cartoon show but that seems highly unlikely. A trailer is expected to be shown at the San Diego Comic-Con so we wont have long to wait for answers.

"Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in August 2009 as part of the relaunch of Ultimate Marvel under the new "Ultimate Comics" imprint. It serves as a continuation of Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as an all-new series. Starting with the publication of the series' sixteenth issue (January 2011), Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man resumed the numbering of Ultimate Spider-Man (the series had already taken back the Ultimate Spider-Man title in the comic book's legal indicia with issue 3). The numbering will change again after issue 160 through the upcoming Ultimate Universe Reborn relaunch in August.


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