Silver Surfer:an appreciation letter

Silver Surfer:an appreciation letter

The silver surfer.A character whose name doesn't have the same appeal anymore.This is a "letter" of appreciation to this great character.

Ah the silver surfer.A character born in despair and the brink of death.A good man who was "forced" to go to war.He is a hero who has appeared in a lot of media during all these years.He had a tv show,and ongoing comic and a video game.Life seemed good for the surfer.Then he faded.Like the paint on a wall his fame was over.Sure he appeared as a supporting character many times and sure he appeared on a movie but things weren't the same.Nowadays the surfer can be found either in short lived series or mini-series.The question is:Why?

The new generation of comic readers either has not heard of him or ranks him pretty low on the "best character" lists.Most see him as an uninteresting silver man on a surf board.Thing is,the surfer is a much more deeper character than this description.He is a character who was forced to go to war.He sacrificed everything he had to save his planet,yet what he thought he saved was merely an illusion.His world was not destroyed by Galactus but by the Other.He allowed himself to be turned into a herald of death for nothing.When he discovered earth and protected our planet from annihilation he thought he finally found peace.Little did he know that humans weren't what he pictured.He witnessed our atrocities and crimes.He lost faith once again.Many adventures followed.He teamed up with other heroes,he took part in the infinity gauntlet saga,he fought the hulk on the violent planet Sakaar.To tell the long story short he continued his life.

But this is not a history article.It's an appreciation article.Now that you have a general idea on the surfer i will tell you why he is so great.The Surfer isn't a brilliant tactician.He isn't the smartest man alive.He isn't as rich as Scrooge McDuck.Beneath all these godlike powers he is just a man.Sure he has the power to do anything but did he ask for it?Did he ask to be the herald of death?The one who announces to your children that they will die in a few hours?Many call batman and spiderman the most relatable heroes.Think about it:the first is a billionare playboy with unlimited resources and a brilliant mind.He is a man of science and always has a plan.The other has tremendous power and a min greater than batman's.Yes,i said it.Pete created so many inventions out of nothing and on a budget while bats has unlimited resources,contacts and budget.Norin is your average joe who opened the chest with the treasure.It gave him riches (his powers) but no instructions or hapiness.
No matter how good he tries to be,no matter what he does he will be this lonely being.He is not looked up like superman.He is not the hero of a nation like captain america.He is a man doing what's right but something will always hold him back.His obligation to his master.He is th dog of the rich fellow.He is pure at heart,he will try to do what's right but in the end he will attack you because his master said so.And that is what makes him flawed,what makes him human,what makes him your average joe and the most relatable hero of them all.

PS:This is my first article and english isn't my first language so there might be some small mistakes.Thank you for reading!Leave a comment telling me your opinion.CC is always appreciated.
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