SPOILERS: Marvel Comics' New WOLVERINE Is Logan's Son - And We Don't Mean Daken!

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> Marvel Comics' New WOLVERINE Is Logan's Son - And We Don't Mean Daken!

If you picked up today's first issue of X-Men Blue, you'll have noticed a short story featuring a mysterious sandy-haired young man, who bore more than a passing resemblance to The Wolverine...

Marvel has been teasing the return of Wolverine for a while now. At first we assumed Logan was going to be resurrected, which in turn gave way to speculation that it'd actually be his son taking up the mantle, and this theory turned out to be on the money - however, it wasn't the son most people probably expected.

It's now been confirmed (via ComicBook.com) that it'll actually be James "Jimmy" Hudson, Logan's child in the now defunct Ultimate Universe, who will be joining the 5 original mutant heroes on the X-Men Blue team.

“I’m really excited to see this character become part of the team,” Senior Editor Mark Paniccia said in a statement. “Aside from the fact that he is a kindred spirit…displaced as the Original X-Men are…he’ll also feed into some themes X-Men fans are very familiar with. Like the original Wolverine, Jimmy doesn’t remember his past. And like the original Wolverine, he’s going to find a certain red head very attractive. Will this cause problems with Cyclops? Heheh. Just have to wait and see.”

What do you guys make of this development? Drop us a comment below.

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