SPOILERS: Meet The All-New Ultimate THOR Ahead Of His Debut This June

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> Meet The All-New Ultimate THOR Ahead Of His Debut This June

Is the Marvel Universe big enough for three different versions of Thor? The publisher certainly seems to think so as yet another God of Thunder will be joining the Odinson and Jane Foster this summer...

Today's issue of The Unworthy Thor #5 ends with the introduction of a brand new Thor who calls himself the "War Thor." For reasons revealed in the comic itself, the Odinson no longer requires the Ultimate Thor's Mjolnir (which has survived the events of Secret Wars), so someone else takes it and becomes the version of the character you see below. That means we now have three Thors!

The identity of this "Ultimate" Thor promises to be very interesting and appears to be a mystery which Marvel will tease us with for a while (as they did with Jane Foster). The hero - villain? - will be introduced in The Mighty Thor #20 in June and he looks extremely formidable. Given the white beard and the fact one eye is blacked out, I'm going to place my money on this being Odin! Thoughts?

• The Ultimate Thor died defending the Multiverse, but his hammer remains. Who will hold the hammer now?
• War is coming to the Ten Realms. Can the new Ultimate Thor keep back the bloody tide?

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