SPOILERS: SECRET EMPIRE #0's Shocking Captain America Secret Changes Everything

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> SECRET EMPIRE #0's Shocking Captain America Secret Changes Everything

We've known for a while now that Captain America hails Hydra, but Secret Empire #0 contains a reveal so shocking that it will FOREVER change how you look at the hero. Nothing will ever be the same!

Up until now, we've been led to believe that the Red Skull used Kobik - a living Cosmic Cube - to rewrite Steve Rogers' history so that he's always been a Hydra agent working against the Allies and Avengers. Well, the truth was revealed in Secret Empire #0 this week and it's sure to leave you speechless!

It turns out that in the Marvel Universe, the Nazis won the war and it was the Allies who used the Cosmic Cube to rewrite history. That's revelation number one, but the truth is that Captain America was always loyal to Hydra. The actions of the Allies changed his life and left him with false memories of the war until fate led to the Red Skull using
Kobik not to change his history, but actually restore it.

What this means is that Captain America has always been a villain. To call this shocking would be an understatement and it's something sure to upset fans hoping Steve would be "restored" to his old self.

While Captain America's adventures from when he was recovered from the ice all happened, the heroic Steve we all know and loved was a lie created by Cosmic Cube wielding Allies who wanted to save the world from the Nazis. In reality, Cap was always a spy who was loyal to Hydra and the version we're getting now is what he was always meant to be. How do you guys feel about all this reveal? 
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