SPOILERS: SECRET EMPIRE #10 Explains Captain America's Return But Has HUGE Ramifications For The Future

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> SECRET EMPIRE #10 Explains Captain America's Return But Has HUGE Ramifications For The Future

Secret Empire #10 went on sale today and it featured plenty of very interesting twists and turns as Steve Rogers returned to the land of the living and went to war with HydraCap. Hit the jump for details!

Things took a weird turn in Secret Empire #10 today as Captain America finally returned to the Marvel Universe. With his hands on the Cosmic Cube, HydraCap finally rewrote reality to make it the way he believes it should be. In that world, Hydra won the war, the Fantastic Four was led by Doctor Doom, and Professor X and Magneto were executed years earlier. However, it doesn't last all that long. 

Kobik - the living Cosmic Cube - realises that she needs to set things right so she brings Captain America back; well, her version of him. This is the Steve Rogers she remembers and as a result, it's unclear whether it's the actual Cap or just the best parts of him. Once HydraCap has been defeated by Steve, the world is returned to what it once was but the events of Secret Empire still happened. 

That means Rick Jones and Black Widow are still dead and Las Vegas was still destroyed. When all is said and done, Cap hands his shield back to Sam Wilson and HydraCap is still alive and in captivity. We also learn that Kobik altered Mjolnir so that HydraCap could wield it but when things are set right, it's the classic Captain America who is able to use it and take his doppelganger down a peg or two. 

The heroes are all sent to the Vanishing Point - where those Generations one-shots take place, apparently - and return feeling happier than ever and finally assembled. It's a strange ending which doesn't really work and it seems that Cap's future won't be addressed until Secret Empire: Omega. Will he be merged with HydraCap or are they now two separate characters? Either way, it feels like this event was supposed to play out a different way until Marvel realised fans rejected the concept! 

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