Stan Lee Has Some Words For David Goyer After His Comments On SHE-HULK

Stan Lee Has Some Words For David Goyer After His Comments On SHE-HULK

Stan "The Man" Lee who co-created the character, She-Hulk, has a great rebuttal for David S. Goyer after his very questionable She-Hulk rant. Click the link to see what Stan Lee had to say in response to the writer/producer.

David S. Goyer made some controversial remarks during a podcast about the character She-Hulk. Going as far as to refer to the character as a "porn star," and he didn't stop there.

Stan Lee was inverviewed by The Washington Post to get his input on David Goyer's bizzare rant. Here's a truncated version of the interview --

Why Stan Lee created She-Hulk:  I know I was looking for a new female superhero, and the idea of an intelligent Hulk-type grabbed me.

She-Hulk's purpose in the comics: Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk. Only a nut would even think of that.

She-Hulk's muscular physique: As for her looking beautiful and curvy, show me the superheroine who isn’t.

So there you have it. Many of us already knew these answers, but I'm curious to see how Goyer responds to what Stan Lee said.

Also, David Goyer dissed the character Martian Manhunter for no legitimate reason during the same podcast. I personally think Martian Manhunter is a great(underrated) character. An alien posing as a homicide detective is really cool concept. It also makes sense, because working at a police department would have J'onn interacting with a lot of people, which would in turn allow him to better pose as a human. And knowing about a character like Martian Manhunter doesn't mean you're a virgin, it just means you have good taste in characters.

I just want to add this, David Goyer doesn't represent Warner Bros. or DC Comics with any of the things he has said. He isn't speaking on behalf of any of those companies, just himself.
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