Today, I've decided to show you some of the special showings and best feats accomplished by the warrior Korbinite himself, Beta Ray Bill, in this article of Superhero Feats.

Stormbreaker / Strength / Durability

1. Able to harm Stardust, a herald of Galactus.

2. Releases an omni-directional blast capable of defeating several of Tanaraq’s demons (in Tanaraq's own realm).

3. Defeats several more demons with Stormbreaker.

4. Capable of delivering planetoid-shattering blows.

5. A charged-up blow was sufficient to enough to defeat Omega Ray.

6. Strikes Galactus with enough force to crack his armor.

7. Owns numerous Skrulls via a Mjolnir strike to the ground.

8. Shatters the reality-altering DemonStaff.

9. Teleports a miniature black hole “into a place where there’s not a single atom of matter to mess with it within a million light years".

10. Bill momentarily teleports away from a battle with Ego, then teleports back. He then opens up a special rift to allow an enormous comet to enter the battlefield and strike Ego.

11. Healed Thor's wounds.

12. Stormbreaker (and by proxy, Bill) can sense disturbances in the fabric of existence.

13. Stormbreaker has a tracking feature which allows it to trace the energy signatures of any beings it has met.

14. Can throw his hammer with such force that it can easily escape the pull of two different singularities.

15. Shield's himself against the Skrull Godkiller.

16. Makes a full containment shielding.

17. Successfully holds up the entire Asgard (along with Thor).

18. Withstands a blast from Galactus.

19. Wakes up in the middle of a Sun about to go nova, and casually flies out of it.

20. Withstands a planet-destroying explosions.

21. Overcomes the force of a black hole.

22. Endures the force of 2 singularities.

23. Withstands the force of another planet-destroying explosion.

24. Even his ‘mortal' form is able to survive planetary re-entry, and a subsequent crash landing into Asgard.

25. Can easily perceive things moving at multiple times the speed of light.

26. Quickly travels across half a galaxy.

27. Quickly reacts at the span of 1 millisecond.

28. Shows great resistance to telepathic assaults.

29. When he removes his built in 'power-governors', and unleashes all of his power, he becomes extremely powerful. So powerful that he was able to successfully defend a severely weakened Galactus against an army of attackers (a task not even the combined efforts of Surfer and Stardust could accomplish). The only downfall is that Bill can only exist in this ‘state’ for a matter of minutes before he reaches critical mass.

30. Talking to Spider-Man about his encounter with 'God', and his subsequent alterations.

31. Manifests a storm capable of blocking magical energies that were being emitted from the Black Sun.


1. BRB vs Stardust.

2. BRB vs Silver Surfer.

3. BRB vs Omega Ray.

4. BRB vs. a Tanaraq-possessed Wrecking Crew.

5. BRB vs. a Tanaraq-possessed Sasquatch.

6. BRB vs. a Skrull based on the the combination of the Warrior's Three.

7. BRB vs. Fenris.

8. BRB vs. Ego the Living Planet.

9. BRB vs. an Asgardian Weather Giant.

10. Takes down Fafnir.

11. Takes down a few Asgardian Giants.

12. BRB vs. Pentigaar.

13. BRB vs. Thor.

14. BRB vs. Thor again.

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