SUPERHERO FEATS: Captain America

SUPERHERO FEATS: Captain America

In this article of Superhero Feats, I figure I'd showcase some of the amazing feats done by super soldier Steve Rogers himself.....the 'Sentinel of Liberty'........Captain America.

1. Without the SSS (Super Soldier Serum), takes down a few SSS-induced goons using pure fighting skills, then takes down more after being restored with the SSS.

2. Holds his own against the Hulk.

3. Single-handedly takes out a group of Asgardian Trolls.

4. Saves Tony Stark from a huge monster.

5. Proves worthy of Mjolnir.

6. States that he is adept in every form of H2H combat.

7. Being trained to become Captain America before the SSS enhancement.

8. Strength described as being preternatural.

9. Lifts a tree.

10. Tosses an anchor.

11. Hauls a supply truck.

12. Breaking steel chains.

13. Almost outruns a group of large birds capable of running up to speeds of 50 miles per hour (while in the snow).

16. Rips a statue out of its base while bound to it.

17. Forces his shield through the doors and mashes it into the wall to stop the falling elevator he was trapped in.

18. Rips the arm off of a robot.

19. Closes hatch doors with his strength.

20. Leaps a few stories up.

21. Forces a steel door open while injured.

22. Races across the room and beats the bullets to their target, blocking it with his shield.

23. Catches a torpedo by throwing his shield to deflect the torpedo car upwards.

24. Dodging multiple gunfire.

25. Throws a huge block of concrete at a sniper posted on top of a building.

26. Takes down Electro.

27. Cable admits to Cap being faster and stronger.

28. Dodges and weaves through bullets, lazers, and explosions.

29. Simultaneously deflects bullets and dodging another bullet with a shield throw.

30. Uses his shield to extinguish and then relights a lighter.

31. Beats Black Panther.

31. Knocks out Namor.

32. Defeats Klaw.

32. Defeats Thunderstrike.

33. Defeats Spider-Man with Spidey running away.

34. Can focus chi.

35. Defeated Taskmaster.

36. Defeats Lady DeathStrike.

37. Stalemates T'Chaka (T'Challa's, the modern Black Panther, father).

38. Throws shield fast and accurate enough to catch up with a missile that held Falcon bound to it.

39. Severs Red Skull's arm with a shield throw.

40. Sees faster than bullet speed.

41. Shield throwing ricochet takes out an opponent.

42. Takes out a military helicopter with great accuracy.

43. Draws blood from the Hulk with a shield bash.

44. Knocks Colossus off his feet.

45. Explains to Nick Fury how he was able to defeat Lady Doctor Octopus and Hobogoblin when he was ambushed at his house.

46. Holds his own against Wolverine.

47. Shield is capable of withstanding a blast from Mjolnir.

48. Uses mastery of pressure point strikes to incapacitate the Hulk.

49. Decapitates Baron Blood.

50. Lands some blows on Nightmare.

51. Holds his own against Carnage.

52. Stuns Onslaught.

53. KO's the Rhino.

54. And most famously known for................

55. Goes H2H with a super-strong Kree.
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