The Future of Ultimate Comics: X

The Future of Ultimate Comics: X

Wolverine has a son, Jean Grey goes dark, a new "Angel" rises from the streets of Chicago, and Liz Allen faces more emotional roller coasters. Where is Ultimate X going?

So far Ultimate Comics: X seems to be having sort of a slow start both publishing and story wise. In the first issue we meet Jimmy Hudson, a roudy high school student who has our very own Wolverine's genes running through his blood. Jean Grey disappears and turns somewhat emo. We meet Derek Morgan and young black male with a rough upbringing trying to prove himself to his older brother. We reunite with Liz Allen who surprisingly has a brother who's resemblance to the Blob is uncanny.

The question I have is, where is this going? I have high hopes for the series. I can't help but feel something big is brewing just not fast enough. This is the only series that I've kept up with via comic books and not TPBs. Now I know what it's like to have to wait two months for a new release, the only problem I have is that it's not always a guarunteed release. Anyways I'm veering off track. Where is Ultiamte X going? Jean Grey seems to be gathering exposed mutants and offering safe harbor for them though her intentions are not to reinvent the X-Men. But like I said before something is brewing, in the most recent issue (#4) Liz Allen discovers she has a brother and that he is a mutant. When Jean or Karen Grant offers him safe harbor along with the others, a familiar face appears, that of Quicksilver. He too offers his hand to Tubby Teddy. Liz Allen goes with Karen and the two groups part ways.

I wish I wouldn't have started reading this one comic at a time cause it's killing me to know when this team will engage in a real fight? When will we see what Quicksilver has up his sleeve along with Mystique and Sabertooth who have also shown their faces (#2).

Do you think Jean is recreating the X-Men to fight the good fight against mutant racism and is Quicksilver recreating the Brotherhood of Mutants to fight the fight against extinction? What new characters should we expect? What familiar faces will we see? What events will transpire to leave it's mark that we may remember this series when we think "Ultimate".

Please leave your comments down below and tell me what you think we should expect from Ultimate Comics: X.
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