The MARVEL Universe: Cosmic Teams

The MARVEL Universe: Cosmic Teams

So far we’ve talked about the races, villains, and heroes of the Marvel Cosmic Universe, but we can’t finish without talking about the rest of the teams that make it up...aside from the Fantastic Four. So to end the Cosmic Universe we will talk about those teams..


First up, the team many call the most powerful to date. Which any team with the silver surfer could have an argument I suppose. Cosmo after Star Lord died decided to fulfill his dream to bring this team together. He asked Silver Surfer, Quasar, Ronan, Beta Ray Bill, and Gladiator to join the team. They said no at the start but who can resist a space dog for long? During one of their missions the Spaceknight Ikon joined them as well. They had a few fights, and even went to earth to catch the Magus. Since they are a newer team they haven’t really developed a lot of stories thus far. But I still think they would be great on the big screen. Seeing them take on Galactus or Thanos would be about as high powered as it gets. However without the rights to the Silver Surfer the chances of this are slim. But still give me a film about the Annihilators and I’ll be there.

Guardians of the Galaxy

With the upcoming film, you have to talk about the Guardians. Not really a well-known team (until the film announcement) the Guardians of the Galaxy were formed by Star Lord in order to be ready for attacks instead of just reacting to them. He recruits Warlock, Drax, Gamora, Phyla-Vell, Rocket Raccoon and Groot. The team has been evolving quite a bit and even have Iron Man on their current team. Now looking at the team that will be in the film we have Star Lord, Groot, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon. Expect at least a Cameo from Nova or Warlock. Lead by Star Lord, they will be facing some kree and Thanos is supposed to be the main villain in the film. The team is one of the most dynamic in the universe, having a raccoon, tree, dog, humans and aliens on the same team. They appear to be antiheroes in the upcoming film with being captive to the Nova Corps, But that could change for them at any time in the movie. Don’t be surprised for at least some of the Guardians to help out when Thanos takes on the avengers (Probably Avengers 3). Do you guys want anyone more Guardians to join the Team in the film? What about Iron Man?


Yeah I know not a team, but since I ran out of room in the first cosmic articles, and this one is a little short I decided why not? The Shi’ar aren’t quite on the level of Skrull and Kree, but they are definatly one of the more known races in the universe. The Shi’ar have a vast empire controlled by Majestor in the throneworld Chandilar. They resemble humans but have feather heads instead of hair. They are stronger than humans and have more stamina, however they lack the ability to dream and those who are able to are executed. They are an empire built around trade and economics however they still have some great inventions. Starships, energy weapons, force fields, teleportation, and cloaking. They also poses technology that causes a star to go supernova which they use from time to time. The Shi’ar are probably not big enough an enemy to really see the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially since the Chitauri were chosen as villains for the Avengers instead of them. More than references aren’t likely however we could see at least individual Shi’ar in cosmic films.


Long time ago the Kree built a station on Uranus. They noticed there were humans living on earth and decided to experiment on them. In turn they created a new race, the Inhumans. The Inhumans live for much longer than humans on the blue part of the moon, a station on the moon with life sustaining abilities. They each have their own powers, some very powerful, and are led by Black Bolt. Black Bolt has his powers linked with his speech. When he talks is causes a shockwave that can grow to the power of a nuclear bomb. He also has superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and great force fields with the electrons that make his shockwave. Black Bolt has to be very careful not to let his words slip or else essentially everyone in his path is devastated. The Royal Family leads the Inhumans with their council. There are vas powers for each Inhuman and would take far too long to talk about them all. Marvel has hinted at them making a Inhumans film and would be a very interesting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They battle alongside the heroes of earth and the cosmic heroes. I wouldn’t know what style of film they would make but I would assume in the cosmic as opposed to on earth.

Well that’s all I got guys, who do you hope to see on the big screen? Personally think out of all of these the Inhumans need to at least be a huge part of a film. Besides the Guardians since they are already getting a film. Next up, the vigilantes of the Marvel Universe.
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