The Ultimate Blame!

The Ultimate Blame!

Who's really to blame for the character designs in movie adaptations? Hollywood or the Ultimates?

I recently read an article on CBM wondering if the Ultimate line gives Hollywood a reason not to give us the character designs and stories we want. I have to disagree.

I do enjoy some of the Ultimate stories, some are hit and miss just like the regular universe which I also still read when I can afford it. To blame "Ultimate X-Men" (debut February 2001) for the the X-Men movies giving us the black leather uniforms instead of the colorful threads we grew to love is asinine. X-Men came out in July of 2000, before any Ultimate title came into print in the USA, yet here they were displayed in all of their leather fashion glory. Following a year later in 2001 the "New X-Men #114" the team were redesigned with the leather threads that most despise. The earliest Ultimate title was "Ultimate Spider-Man" which came out October 2000, the film adaptation "Spider-Man" came out in 2002. The "Ultimate Spider-Man" costume did not originally have the raised spider webbing until after the movie was released.

However, the "Matrix" came out in 1999 which I believe really kick started the whole trench coat, black leather fad we see today. Allowing the costume designers an easy way out to convey a character’s mysterious and/or dark presence by slapping on black leather and a trench coat.

My point is that I’m tired of reading over and over how the Ultimate series have screwed up our comic book movie adaptations. If anyone is to blame it's Hollywood, with or without the Ultimate line I guarantee you the characters would have been designed the same way they are now. The films had to make these changes, the constantly worn excuse is that the costumes will not translate well onto film, but I believe them. Take a look at "Smallville," they give you what you want yet they look like Cosplay homemade costumes from fans.

So stop pointing the finger at the wrong source and give credit to credit due, Holly(flippin')wood, they started it all themselves.

Now may the flaming commence!
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