Ultimate Comics: WTF?!

Ultimate Comics: WTF?!

What's marvel got going up their sleeve?

So I did I was bored at work and decided to check out the update on anything new Ultimate-wise. I went to wikipedia.org and typed it "Ultimate Comics" and went on to follow the links of published work. I did not expect to see what I had seen on that page except for one thing: that Ultimate Comics: X was moved to the miniseries slot.

But what had shocked me were the three new titles under the "Upcoming Titles"...title. Anyways, the series that I saw were so listed:

Ultimate Comics: Fallout

I went to hypergeek.com and did a little research on this and it is indeed a connection between Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man and the new Ultimate Spider-Man under the banner: Ultimate Comics Reborn. Brian Michael Bendis says a lot and I'm not going to post the whole interview on here but will post a link. But one thing I want to point out is that there is rumors that the Ultimate Spider-Man may be more spider-ish than Peter Parker. Brian Michael Bendis has supposedly been doing a lot of research on spiders. Whether fanboys like this or not you have to admit that this is really, REALLY interesting.

said article can be followed by the link:

Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye

Now I found news on this at comicbookresource.com, apparently, Jonathan Hickman will be writing the 4-issue miniseries coming out this September. It is not a prequel but a stand-alone story that starts in South America and that the center of the story really is held together by Clint Barton's military background. Ultimate Hawkeye has been one of my favorites in the Ultimate series and am stoked to see this coming to print.

said article can be follow by the link:

Ultimate Comics: X-Men WTF!

Ok sound in spite of the title of this article and can't say that I'm completely shocked by this announcement. Anybody who has read the Ultimate Comics: X could sense the feeling of the X-Men being created. But it has been announced that a Ultimate Comics: X-Men series is in the making and will be the cast from Ultimate Comics: X but will also feature a whole new array of characters. Nick Spencer has commented on the article about how there will be characters trying to fill the shoes of the legends and the giants. Someone will try to be Xavier (I'm assuming Karen Grant aka Jean Grey) and someone will try to be Magneto (once again I'm assuming Quicksilver) but there is a whole new spin on this X-Men: mutants are still illegal. And the series is kind of an after effect of Ultimate Death of Spider-Man and the heroes now see that in order to save the world they need to save each other first. One of the biggest things for me though, is that it has been stated that this will largely be a Kitty Pryde / Rogue book.

said article can be folled by the link:

All in all I'm excited to see where these comics go, I know there are a lot of people going to flame this article but lets try to keep an open mind guys. This is not the original timeline and therefore anything goes.

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