<font color=red>UPDATE:</font> New Marvel NOW! CAPTAIN AMERICA And FANTASTIC FOUR Creative Teams Revealed

Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. will be taking over the reigns of Captain America in the Marvel NOW! relaunch, but that has now been confirmed. Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley are also set to take on Fantastic Four, while the writer will team with Mike Allred on FF.

This week has seen the reveal of new creative teams for Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Deadpool, but the final teasers released by Marvel (via iFanboy) may just be the most exciting yet! This November, Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force) and John Romita Jr. (Kick-Ass) will team-up for a brand new Captain America ongoing series after current writer Ed Brubaker concludes his epic 9 year run in October. As with the other teasers, there is no artwork for the series just yet, but with confirmation that Brubaker is staying on Winter Solider, we now know who will be taking control of the Star Spangled Avenger in the post-Avengers Vs. X-Men Marvel Universe. Meanwhile, USA Today have unveiled another teaser which reveals that Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four will soon be in the hands of the capable creative team of Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man) and Mark Bagley (Avengers Assemble). Another also teases Matt Fraction and Mike Allred's (Daredevil) "Extended" which more than likely refers to Fantastic Four spin-off, FF...

UPDATE: MTV Geek have now posted another teaser, revealing the creative team of Simon Spurrier (Punisher War Journal Annual #1) and Tan Eng Huat (Ghost Rider) on what appears to be a relaunch of X-Men Legacy.

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