Wolverine Vs Blade

Wolverine Vs Blade

With A Twist

Now, I have always debated about Wolverine and Blade in an fight... My question is, Who would win?

Blade is out one night doing what he does, till he comes face to face with Wolverine! Out out of nowhere Wolverine begins to attack. To which Blade is ready for! The batlle begins...

This is the movie versions of the characters. None have prep! Blade has his standard equipment, Guns, sword, Shurike, ect, ect. Oh, And he has his shades!
Wolverine, well has his claws... Thats about it.

Battle can be won by KO or Kill!

Who Wins? (Vote below)


Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.



In my whole life, I felt like an animal. I ignored my instincts, and I ignored what I really am. And that won't ever happen again

That's it from me. Till next time folks. You Stay Classy CBM
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