My Top 10 Greatest Super Heroes of All time!

My Top 10 Greatest Super Heroes of All time!

Many of us have our favorite superheroes. Most of us will argue who the greatest of all time are. In this article, I will go through a list of who I feel the TOP 10 Greatest Superheroes of all time are.

Many of us have our favorite superheroes. Most of us will argue who the greatest of all time are. In this article, I will go through a list of who I feel the TOP 10 Greatest Superheroes of all time are.

10. The Incredible Hulk/ Bruce Banner

A genius who's greatest power is also his greatest enemy. He fears his power and has spent his life to try and get rid of it. The Hulk is strong enough to stand toe to toe with Superman, Thor and even the Silver Surfer. His only weakness is love. The madder he gets the stronger he gets, the only being who's ever been able to man handle him would be the Red Hulk.

9. Green Lantern/ Hal Jordan

Nicknamed the greatest green lantern, Hal Jordan who happens to be my favorite superhero deserves his spot on this list. Being the only person in the Universe to kill a Guardian as well as take on the entire Green Lantern Corps. by himself. He's defeated fear itself and even refuses to fly his jet while wearing his power ring. When offered the chance to come back from the grave to become the Spectre, Jordan looked the spirit of God's Vengeance in the face and told him there are people who deserve retribution more than he, and that he deserved his punishment in Purgatory. He's sacrificed his life and his God like power to to reignite the sun in order to save the Earth from certain death, and was driven insane because he loved the people of his city so much their mass extinction was completely unbearable for him.

8. Wonder Woman/ Princess Diana

The first female superhero, created by the inventor of the lie detector, Wonder Woman became a symbol to women every where. Showing that women weren't just sexual objects or house wives, and that could hold their own in a man's world.

7. Spawn/ Al Simmons

The First A list black Super hero. Al Simmons was killed working for his country, leaving behind his fiancee Wanda. Do to the violence of his life he went to Hell, but came back out of love for Wanda. upon returning 7 years later he finds his love in the arms of his best friend, and they have a child together. Anyone else would have been driven insane and killed the two, but instead Simmons fought for his humanity and protected the couple becoming especially fond of their daughter. Not many heroes can say they've actually killed the Devil himself but in issue 100 he did. From such controversial stories as hitting his wife to be while alive, to fighting the KKK and murdering a child serial killer, turning down the thrown of Hell and even telling Heaven to kiss his ass when offered a place with them... Spawn deserves his place


The man who for the longest time had no memory of his past. From sickly upper class child to the best there is at what he does, he can survive having his skeleton torn from his body, a nuclear attack, and even psychic attacks that would leave even the strongest willed person rocking themselves in a corner, Wolverine speaks for himself.

5.Spider-Man/ Peter Parker

The hero who almost never was, introduced and just a couple of pages in the back of Amazing Fantasy, Spider-man has become just as popular as Superman and Batman. "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" that line speaks to everyone. And he's used that power to defeat the Avengers, Fantastic four, X-Men and even S.H.E.I.L.D.

4.Captain America/ Steve Rogers

Captain America represents the American spirit... A patriot to his country who's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in even if it means going against the United States Govt. itself, as seen in Marvel Civil War.

3.Batman/ Bruce Wayne

From his origins as a gun toating masked detective to his later incarnations as The Dark Knight with a strict no guns no killing rule. Batman is what humans are able to strive to become physically. Batman has shown time and time again that his will is stronger than any Green Lantern and his skills can beat any super powered individual hero or villain... as a lifelong Batman there's one scene that made me really like him, and that was from the final issue of 52 aftermath: the 4 horsemen when he's possessed by famine, but it doesn't even faze him and he says to Superman and Wonder Woman "Get this thing out of me, It's getting annoying" or something along those lines.

2. Superman/ Clark Kent

The first Superhero. Superman has given his life in comics to save the world. Superman represents the best in humanity and the hope that exists in all of us.

1. Captain Marvel/ Billy Batson

Though many of you will argue that Superman is #1, in my opinion it would have to be Captain Marvel. I say this because he's just an ordinary kid who was chosen by the Wizard SHAZAM to be his champion. A child who fights very adult battles... He wasn't born with his powers, or even trained his entire life for them, in fact he's very young and because of his morals and his inner strength he was chosen to have powers that rival Superman's and is actually capable of defeating Superman. When Faucet comics came out with Captain Marvel, DC comics filed a lawsuit to ban the character and soon after DC bought the character and recreated him in their own universe. At one time when Faucet still owned Captain Marvel, his popularity was bigger than Superman's.
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