Shane Black Has Met With Chris Hemsworth For DOC SAVAGE

Shane Black Has Met With Chris Hemsworth For DOC SAVAGE

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter reported, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black was rebooting Predator, but they also dropped a tidbit about Doc Savage. Stating that Black met with Chris Hemsworth ("Thor: The Dark World") for the lead.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shane Black ("Lethal Weapon") has met with Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron star, Chris Hemsworth, about the lead in his Doc Savage feature film.

Black is also very actively developing Doc Savage, the adaptation of the 1930s pulp hero for Sony. He recently met with Chris Hemsworth for the title role, but it’s unclear when that project would shoot since it’s still grappling with budgetary issues. Sony, however, does consider Savage one of its priorities. - THR

This is actually quite interesting as Chris Hemsworth was suggested to for the role of 'Doc Savage' by an IGN reporter who was interviewing Shane Black last September. Black had this to say about the suggestion: "That's not a bad idea! You need someone magnetic and someone a little but off because that's the fun of the character. He's been secluded from people and kept from any social niceties for so long that he's become a savant."

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