Should There be Another Serenity Movie?

Should There be Another Serenity Movie?

Should Joss Whedon return to his brilliant universe to create a sequel to the equally brilliant Serenity?

Joss Whedon has given us some great pieces of film and television. He created the iconic Buffy The Vampire Slayer, he co-wrote Toy Story, he directed the avengers, and of course, he created Firefly. 

Ah Firefly, the show that was canceled far before it deserved to be. It had creative writing, awesome characters and great acting. Due to it's untimely demise, the storylines that Joss Whedon had planned for future seasons were squeezed into a two hour movie named Serenity. Whatever was left over was put into graphic novels (which I plan to read but unfortunately haven't gotten round to yet...). Now, don't get me wrong. Serenity is a fantastic movie, in fact it's one of my top ten favorite movies, but I feel like we haven't seen everything we can yet. So I thought, hey, why not do a Serenity sequel? Or prequel? Or side-story? Or spin-off? Or... Well you get the idea. Here are some storylines (in no particular order) you could potentially use.

1. A Simple Continuation From Serenity 

Remember the ending to Serenity? It was kind of open ended right? Sure the story is wrapped up nicely and every nerd in the audience has a tear in their eye, but you definitely get the sense that Mal is about to form a friendship with this physic girl he has for so long had reservations about. I would really love to see that friendship develop more. It's in no way romantic, with a more sibling/parental feel to it. A movie based around their adventures (and that of the remaining crew).

(RIP Wash)

I haven't outlined a specific storyline for this, because it would be a more character driven tale. 

2. The Operative

The definition of Lawful Evil, the Operative is one of the greatest villains put to screen. He's tough and menacing yet disturbingly polite, a movie centered around this guy could work quite well. Maybe show him go from a normal guy to this straight faced killing machine? I would love to see that. 

3. Shepard Book

As I said previously, I haven't read the comics yet, but I know Shepard Book is an interesting enough character to carry a movie. He's kind and accepting of people outside his faith, with a background that was meant to be explored in the future episodes of the show. A storyline like this may suffer from Wolverine syndrome, meaning that a character's shrouded past is built up so much, it often ends up disappointing the fans. If Joss Whedon was writing and directing though, it may make for a very entertaining film. 

So yes, another Serenity/Firefly film could work, hell, slap "From the Director of The Avengers" on it and it'll do great! But the Avengers may be a slight problem. Due to Joss being somewhat devoted to the Avengers movie right now, it seems fairly unlikely that we'd see another Serenity/Firefly flick anytime soon. And I'm pretty sure we don't want anyone else messing with the franchise. So while it's unlikely, I would love another Serenity/Firefly movie. 
What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments below and feel free to check out some more of my articles. Or not.

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