So You Think You Can Write Or Draw TOP COW Comics

So You Think You Can Write Or Draw TOP COW Comics

So You Think You Can Write Or Draw TOP COW Comics

Exciting news! Top Cow has just announced a contest that will choose two writers and two artists that have never been published before, and hire them to produce work for the comic company. Hit the jump to check out all of the details.

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Top Cow Productions, Inc. has announced a talent search today, in which they are looking to hire two writers and two artists that will create paid work for them in 2013/2014. The deadline for the talent hunt is
December 31, 2012.
    “The goal of the Talent Hunt is to find two previously UNPUBLISHED writers and artists and give them a chance to expose their work to the comic industry in the printed and digital formats," said Top Cow President, C.O.O. and contest judge, Matt Hawkins

    “The comics industry is an awesome one to work in…both Marc Silvestri and I thought about this and realized that at some point someone gave us a chance. We’re looking to do the same for a few people. 4 people may not seem like a lot but we don’t actually publish that many books so it is a LOT for us.”

You must ONLY use these characters from the Top Cow Universe: Sabine (Wheel of Shadows), Glorianna Silver (The Ember Stone), Michael Finnegan (The Glacier Stone), Ian Nottingham (Blood Sword), Ji Xi (13th artifact), Pandora’s Box wielder TBD, and
Tom Judge (Rapture)

For the writers, submit "a synopsis idea of the story you are pitching and a separate 8+ page full script of the story you are pitching (panel breakdowns, dialogue, etc.)." You can write more than that, but not less than that, and remember do NOT add any original character's to your story. Only the characters from the Top Cow list above will be accepted.

For artists, they are looking for "two artists who do finished pencil to color work, digital painting or pencil/ink/ink wash combo appropriate for black and white publication." They will provide a sample script if necessary.

Now that is just the gist of the contest rules and I urge anyone interested in participating to read the full guidelines and rules.

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