Strangerx comic reviews

Strangerx comic reviews

This week reviews include- Thief Of Thieves #4, The New Avengers #26, and The Pro.

Hey Gang

I don't review many comics but I decided to point out some stories that really surprised. Here's what happened this week in my comic world.

Thief of Thieves #4

Thief of Thieves follows the life of Master Thief Conrad aka Redmond as he finishes off his last big job, and is finally ready to quit the business of stealing.

#4 pick right up where 3 left off. With Redmond's pursuer Elizabeth interrogating his son Augustus who bares an uncanny resemblance to his father. The story then flashbacks to how Augustus ends up in his situation. Ultimately by putting together a heist that goes terribly wrong, and in order to get out of the situation he has to call upon his dad Redmond.

Although I'm still not a fan of the artwork the story has got my attention to the point I cant wait to find out what will happen next. the character development is well done. This issue may not have been as interesting as the others, but the ending picks up where the prologue takes place, and has brought everything full circle.


The New Avengers #26

Centuries ago there was an Iron Fist who was the vessel for The Pheonix
This is her story

#26 pick up as the legendary Master Yu Ti begins training his new Iron Fist. A stubborn redhead named Fongji who somewhat resembles Hope. Yu ti's training pay's off as Fongji's training leads her to defeating the dragon Shao Lo and becoming the Iron Fist. What is happening in the meantime is the most interesting. Yu Ti's Servant Chan Kong Sang is sent on a journey to retain the services of one of histories most important figures Leonardo Da Vinci. He believes Da Vinci is the only man with the means and intellect to help prevent the Pheonix from destroying the planet.

This may just be the best story out of all the Avengers vs X-Men Tie ins. The artwork is superb, and the plot is one of the best I've read. So far I've enjoyed every bit of finding out how Da Vinci gets his machine to work, and how The Iron Fist Fongji will use her power.

Rating 4.5/5

The Pro

Seriously The Pro is about a working girl "Prostitute" gains super powers from an alien being who believes all humans have the capability of showing good.

This takes place as a prostitute is giving a blowjob to one of her clients who ends up kicking her out the car and shooting at her because he refused to pay the full amount. meanwhile, The alien known as The Viewer has been watching earth and decides to grant someone deserving with the super powers. The prostitute wakes up to find she is being recruited by the League of Honor which is basically a mock of The Justice league. Including The Saint, The Knight and his companion The squire, The lady, The Lime, and Speedo. All through the book we get to see The Pro take on justice her way. From nipple pinching to peeing on perps. To getting revenge by allowing every prostitute in the city beat up on the john that shot at her. Eventually The Pro comes across a criminal with a nuclear weapon that puts hers and everyone else life in danger. She decides to take the bomb into space, putting her own life at risk proving herself as a hero.

Review- This book is stupid fun!! It's got everything you would think of as far as a comic book for a mature reader. Boobs blowjobs and vulgarity. As a one time read I did enjoy it.

Rating 3/5

Hope you guys enjoyed
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