StrangerX review of Darth Plagueis by James Luceno

StrangerX review of Darth Plagueis by James Luceno

Here's a brief teaser review of Darth Plagueis
The Star Wars novel for fans that have always wondered about the events leading up to the Phantom Menace.

Here's a brief teaser review of Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis is for fans that have always wondered about the events leading up to the Phantom Menace.

Darth Plagueis is one of the most exciting Sith novels since Drew Karpishyn's Bane: Rule of Two.

Plagueis is fun read, and a book I would suggest Star Wars fans take advantage of. It starts with probably one of the best prologues in a story I have ever read and nothing short of epic, as the Dark lord of the Sith Darth Plagueis has just been dealt the death card by his apprentice Darth Sidious. The book then takes the reader back to when Plagueis is an apprentice to Darth Tenebrous examining the cortosis supply on Baldemnic. It's at this point when you think things will slow down and then BAMM..Plagueis kills Tenebrous as they try to escape due to a mining probe malfunction. Luceno keeps you on the edge constantly.
At first what I did find difficult was the language that Luceno was trying to display, but as I read further I began to think that as Plagueis under the guise of the Munnilist Hego Demask, manipulates his way across the galaxy from the wealthy planet of Muun to the political nexus city planet of Coruscant. Its his descriptive detailing and artful language that really captures the essence of the galaxies many politicians and distinguished nobility.

After Plagueis stows away on the Woebegone he then comes into contact with Darth Venamis who challenges Plagueis as he introduces himself as another apprentice of Tenebrous. Plagueis defeats Venamis, but keeps him alive and begins to use the Sith to work on manipulating midi-chlorians which he believes he can find a way to control and make himself immortal. During this time Plagueis feels that Banes Rule of Two has ended and he alone will rule the Galaxy as the sole Sith Lord and no Apprentice. Yet a change in the force has occured and has brought him to the planet of Naboo. His company Damask Holdings and the Trade Federation have begun a bid to support of Bon Tapolo as king of the planet. Tapolo will open Naboo to trade, particularly for the plasma, which will then allow it to get involved with the rest of the galaxy.

Its then the will of the force brings Hego Damask and a young man on Naboo named Palpatine together. Plagueis then commits to making Palpatine into his apprentice due to Coruscants political bias, the human has the best chance of gaining any political stature within the senate. From this point we get to see things from the view point of Palpatine his training that lead him to become Sidious. Palpatine Pictures, Images and PhotosHow he grew to become a great political figure on Naboo by manipulating the likes of the King and Princess Padme to becoming Queen, all to further his political stance that would eventually make him into Supreme Chancellor.

We then finally are introduced to Maul a Zabrak who as a child was left into the care of Palpatine, and trained in the ways of the force. but was none the less manipulated into thinking he would be a true apprentice yet only to become a pawn in Plagueis and Sidious plans to defeat the Republic and reveal the true Sith to the Jedi.

This novel makes reference to some of the most known characters in Star Wars history. Jabba, and Gardulla The Hutt who both are fighting for profits of the Podraces. Darth Gravid, who was the cause of much of the Sith Knowledge being lost forever, and of course the Jedi Master Dooku, who becomes more and more aware of the shift in the Force.

I know I have left out many details, especially about Plagueis and how he may or may not be involved with the creation of Anakin, but I tried to create a review that would leave fans not spoiled but wanting to pick up the book and read it for themselves. What makes the read so exciting is that the novel goes into great detail with the relationships between Plagueis Sidious Maul and Dooku. Luceno leads us all the way up to the events in the Phantom Menace that only reading the material yourself could actually satisfy the appetite.

I do hope you guys did enjoy this little teaser review

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