StrangerX reviews Thief of Thieves #1-3

StrangerX reviews Thief of Thieves #1-3

For all those wondering what the heck this book is all about, here's a look at Kirkman's Thief of Thieves along with some cool panel scans. Check it out

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Here's a brief look at Thief Of Thieves issues 1-3

Credits: Kirkman, Spencer, Martinbrough, and Serrano

Thief of Thieves follows the life of Master Thief Conrad aka Redmond as he finishes off his last big job, and is finally ready to quit the business of stealing. The only problem is, he has a team that doesn't want him to, and a pursuer named Elizabeth who wont stop chasing him even if he wants to quit. All this is happening as we take a look back into Redmond's life. From the moment he meets his wannabe assistant Celia, to him proposing to his pregnant girlfriend as she drives the getaway van from a heist. What fans will find interesting is how his pursuer Elizabeth takes extra measures to try and get her man even going to the point of interrogating Redmond's son.

Review: Since I've never read Walking Dead I can't compare the styles of the books. The writing is well paced, although I wasn't too impressed with the artwork. That is forgivable since It doesn't have the usual sci-fi elements such as superpowers or aliens etc, and makes up for it with character development. In the end it actually has you wondering what will happen with Redmond, and will he eventually end up taking on another heist with his crew.



Can't wait to see if AMC does this show I will also admit that when it comes to stories about thieves I would def have readers pick this over SuperCrooks.

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