SUPERHERO FEATS: The Hulk (Savage Hulk Incarnation Edition)

SUPERHERO FEATS: The Hulk (Savage Hulk Incarnation Edition)

"Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry." This edition of Superhero Feats brings you some of the "incredible" displays of powers from founding Avengers member and the walking mountiain of rage himself....the Savage version of the Incredible Hulk.

As proven throughout his long history, the Hulk is one of the most powerful superheroes to ever grace the pages of comic books and while there are those whom are familiar with his levels of power, others are not. So I've decided to list some of his noteworthy accomplishments via his various incarnations, starting with ..............

Bruce Banner suffers from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder or MPD. The Hulk's multiple identities are a manifestation of the rage, violence and insecurities that he's repressed all his life. Chief among these other identities is the Savage Hulk persona.

Undoubtibly the most well known of the Hulk's incarnations, the Savage Hulk persona typically possesses childlike levels of intelligence and behavior. He longs for acceptance but is prone to violent fits of rage when provoked. Nevertheless, long stretches of the Savage Hulk's career have been typified by an understated crafty and cunning demeanor -- particularly his most earliest and most modern appearances. At some points, the Savage Hulk personality has even been harnessed by Banner's mind. But what remains constant in this form is that the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. And his strength feats speak for themselves.


Savage Hulk's capacity to lift things is nearly unrivaled in comics. He's pretty much lifted up everything you can imagine. He's lifted entire trains right off the ground in Incredible Hulk #122 and Thor #385 (this time as a tremendous bludgeon):

To give you a sense of scale as to amount of effort required for these lifting feats, here it is described that the weight of forty tons, "might as well weigh as many ounces!" From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #22:

He's lifted up entire castles as they crumble and collapse on themselves in Incredible Hulk #108 and 120:

Savage Hulk lifts the entire pillar of the Sacred Flame, Deviant architecture "built to withstand the power of gods," in Incredible Hulk #242:

By far, Savage Hulk's most famous lifting feat is holding up 150 billion tons of mountain dropped on top of him and other heroes in Secret Wars #4:

This monumental feat is retold in Spider-Man and the Secret Wars #1, where it's revealed that She-Hulk was completely exhausted when she tried to even support a fraction of the weight:

Savage Hulk has actually lifted and tossed things into outer space in Incredible Hulk #107:

Here, Savage Hulk literally picks up and throws the gigantic Fin Fang Foom straight to the Moon in Hulk Vs Fin Fang Foom #1:

Savage Hulk can even throw the Soul Gem down through a planet's crust and mantle and deep into the very core of K'ai in Incredible Hulk #248:

Savage Hulk actually pressed sections of a building made of an alloy of adamantium with his bare hands and fashioned it into a prison for Blastaar in Marvel Team-Up #18:

Even an Elder of the Universe is no match as "he presses his struggle with the Gardener... to victory!" From Incredible Hulk #248:

Here Savage Hulk presses straight through Vector's full power in Incredible Hulk #277:

Even when the Leader harnesses his own strength against him, Savage Hulk can still push and power through it in Incredible Hulk #225:

And yes, Savage Hulk has been encased in pure diamond and completely shattered it simply by flexing in Marvel Treasury Edition #25:

When angry enough, he can shrug off the combined efforts of Namor and Silver Surfer restraining him in Sub-Mariner #35:

Savage Hulk's strength can be planetary in scale. As the Oldstrong Caiera explains with her deep connection to the planet, "[T]his planet talks to me. And it cannot hold -- the Red King cracked the plates." That doesn't stop Hulk from using his immense strength to hold Sakaar together and shift those plates to avert worldwide catastrophe in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #102:

Much like flexing, Savage Hulk has performed enormous feats of tearing things apart. Here, he tears open the side of a mountain base in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #64:

An apt measure of strength, Savage Hulk's punches are some of the most powerful in comics. Here, Savage Hulk hammers down an entire landscape despite it being supported by enormous pylons in Marvel Treasury Edition #25:

Three young aliens are playing a game in outer space and knock an asteroid twice the size of Earth into a collision path with it. The Hulk, with the help of a anti-magnetic jet pack, launches into space and destroys the asteroid with a single punch in Marvel Comics Presents # 52:

One of the only two beings to do so with pure physical force, Savage Hulk dents the pure adamantium armoring Ultron in Secret Wars #12:

From personal experience, Wolverine explains, "It's like he hits ya so damn hard ya actually leave yer own body. It's when ya come back that ya feel the pain." From Wolverine Origins #28:

Here, Wolverine is sent flying from New York to Boston with a single blow in Punisher vol.4 #37:

Here, he pounds Phoenix Emma Frost (possessing half of the Phoenix Force) through the island of Utopia into the ocean underneath, from Avengers Vs X-Men #11:

The Immovable Blob is unbelievably struck backwards by the Hulk's punch in Marvel Fanfare #7:

Similarly, even though Unus the Untouchable is virtually invincible within his personal forcefield, Savage Hulk knocks him out with a single blow in Defenders #15 and even completely dissipates it in Marvel Fanfare #7:

Nate Grey boasts that no physical force has ever pierced his "fully-focused teke-shields," until Savage Hulk does so in X-Man/Hulk '98:

Even the Collector's most powerful forcefield is shattered by Savage Hulk's punches in Incredible Hulk #198:

Impossibly, Savage Hulk literally punches through a time storm (one that even Kang's time machine cannot penetrate) and rends apart the space-time continuum enough for Kang to travel through in Incredible Hulk #135:

In Inhumans #12, he gives the Inhuman Gorgon a taste of his own medicine:

How are the thunderclaps underwater? "In air, Hulk's clap is akin to a sonic boom. In the much denser medium of water... the effects are catastrophic." From Hulk/Sub-Mariner '98:

Even with only his bare hands, he's sent Extremis Iron Man flying in Mighty Avengers #22:

He's sent the Immortal Hercules flying and deafened him in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

He's literally snuffed out Dormammu's head with a sneak attack from behind in Defenders vol.3 #5:


Ares' spear breaks against Savage Hulk's hide in Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1:

Apparently, Hawkeye's arrows cannot even pierce Savage Hulk's eyeballs in Avengers vol.3 #75:

He completely no-sells a speeding subway train to the face in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #56:

A half-ton wrecking ball to the back of his head only makes the bemused Savage Hulk feel a slight itch in Marvel Team-Up #18:

Savage Hulk has dropped from a planet's orbit and been completely unhurt in both Marvel Team-Up #54 and Incredible Hulk vol.2 #104:

The martial arts master, Temugin, who has torn apart Iron Man's armor with his bare hands, finds that even his chi-enhanced pressure point strikes only make Savage Hulk angrier in Agents of Atlas #8:

Diving towards the molten mantle of Sakaar matters little to the Hulk in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #102:

Even Human Torch's full nova blast only serves to rouse an amped Savage Hulk from his madness in Fantastic Four #534:

Ghost Rider's mystic hellfire is shrugged off in Ghost Rider #11:

Iceman's cryokinesis proves useless in Giant-Size Hulk #1:

In Marvel: The End #4, the Celestial Order powered by the Heart of the Universe, one-shot Namor and Dr. Strange while Savage Hulk shrugs off those same blasts:

Savage Hulk has survived being blasted by Galactus himself in Secret Wars #9:

Savage Hulk frees himself from the Stranger's telepathic commands in Tales to Astonish #89:

Vision's phasing powers are useless against a raging Savage Hulk in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #27:

Savage Hulk shows extreme resistance to transmutation when High Evolutionary admits that his armor's devices cannot devolve him and only the immediate environment around him in Incredible Hulk #266:


He has been described as having "lightning-fast reflexes" in Marvel Feature #3 and Incredible Hulk #276:

Even the amazing Spider-Man throughout his career can only evade Savage Hulk for so long as shown early on in Amazing Spider-Man #120, and later on in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14:

He can swim at a speed of 80 knots which is over 90 mph. From Incredible Hulk vol.2 #33:

A point-blank ambush by Wolverine is deftly blocked by Savage Hulk in Wolverine Origins #28:

Hulk's super leap have been measured at 473 mph in Incredible Hulk Annual 2000:

Savage Hulk's leapt into outer space in Incredible Hulk #254:

Healing Factor

Wolverine amped by Apocalypse as his new Horseman of Death manages to penetrate Savage Hulk's neck when he accidentally impales himself on his claws and the open wound is hammered repeatedly. A moment's pause, however, is all that's required for Savage Hulk's healing factor to regain his bearings and end the fight in Wolverine #145:

On Sakaar, the alien Spikes were used to ravage countrysides. Although infecting Savage Hulk's very insides, he manages to tear them straight out of his body to free himself (the only one to do so) in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #99:

Being impaled and run through dozens of times doesn't even slow Savage Hulk down because of his healing factor in Incredible Hulk vol.2 #103:


Hulk has near infinite stamina. Savage Hulk can leap endless miles for a straight twenty-four hours without being tired in Fantastic Four #25:

Master Mold evaluates him and remarks on his "almost unlimited stamina" in Incredible Hulk Annual #7:

He further proves that when for 50 straight minutes, he rains nearly 3000 blows onto a mystic barrier that thwarts Dr. Strange. And he is isn't even tired in Defenders #1:

But few feats of stamina match him wrestling Thor in an epic mercy match for an entire hour in Defenders #10:

He doesn't even really require sustenance -- he's hidden out on a frigate for three entire weeks in Incredible Hulk #133:
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