The ComicBookMovie Era

The ComicBookMovie Era

I took the time to tell what Era I think we live in as of today in the Movie world and that Era is written out in the title. So if you have time on your hands hit the jump to check out some thoughts of mine. It shouldn't disappoint!

In 1998 when the first Blade Film hit theaters, a new era began for the movie-verse. That era was called the ComicbookMovie Era.

After 1998 every superhero movie released had a certain feel/impact that no other film has had before then. Now of course we've had our flops here and there, but let’s not focus on them, I’d much  rather focus on the more successful films like, Sam Rami’s Spider-man trilogy, the X-men franchise, the Blade trilogy, the Batman trilogy (Christopher Nolan) and of course the newly renovated MCU and DC U franchises. Now I know there were many more successful franchises since 1998 that I didn’t mention above but I’m jut giving you an idea of how the Comicbookmovie Era really took effect.

The CBM era was here since 1998 but it just recently blew up in 2008 (10 years after it begun) when Marvel released their first Iron Man film. After that day a lot of franchise started to focus on the ideal of crossovers and/or the merging of franchises. Since 2008 Marvel has done the successful crossover films, the monsters are suppose to be getting their own universe (Frankenstein, Dracula and all those guys), Godzilla is expected to crossover with King Kong, Arrow is crossing over with the Flash, and of course DC are building up their own Universe (The DCU). By doing these crossovers these successful franchise become/became even more successful than they already were making the CBM Era most popular. So what does all this mean, you might ask.  All this means is that the CBM Era will continue to evolve and get better over time.

But one of the main things is not only does the Companies who put these great films out contribute to the CBM era, but everyone who is reading this is contributing as well. How?

Just by everyone on this site and all sites posting articles, reviews, and editorials like this one, and commenting on the articles, we contribute greatly in this CBM Era. Whether it’s Me, Josh, MarvelFreshman, Nail, Staypuffed, DEVLIN712, Batarmor, Pasto or KingPatel (And everyone else who contributes greatly, you know who you are). It really doesn’t matter who, the main point is that 20 years from now when you look back, you’ll know that YOU were a part of one the greatest Era’s of all time, The Comicbookmovie Era!

Will the CBM Era ever end? I don’t know, you don’t know, nobody knows, the only thing we know is that this is OUR era and were going to enjoy every moment the CBM Era brings to us! Thanks for taking the time to read. Now you can sound off below with your thoughts!


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