The Value of Print Comics

The Value of Print Comics

In the age of Digital Media what happens to the value of Print Comics?

I posted an article about my preference for print comics vs. digital download. A few people responded and the majority stated they preferred print as well. The few that like digital better, made some good arguments as well. For example; the availability or proximity of comic shops, and shear storage of several hundred or thousands of comics.

I also posted a poll, which could have been worded better, and included more options, but the gist of it was; if you could view a comic online for a fraction of the cost, without owning it, would you? Or do you want to own the or otherwise? The majority of folks wanted "ownership". I get that. However, I don't think many people really understand what "digital" ownership means. As far as I know you can not sell or trade digital comics that you have bought. Therefore, you don't actually "own" the property. Comixology for example hosts my digital comics and I just use my devices to access them.

On the Poll page of my previous article on this topic marknjoanna asked a very good question that got me thinking. The question is:

If they quit printing comic books and go all digital,what would this do the value of say the silver age comics?

What I think happens that that values and collectibility goes WAY UP. not just for first issues, or first appearances, or other choice event issues, but also for the current lesser valued titles. Imagine if you can't buy a print comic, and the only way you can access and view them is digitally. To a comic book fan, print comics would be as good as gold. Especially if the only way you can view them otherwise it to buy or look over a friends shoulder. There is no more going to a friends house and sharing comics. I suppose that friend could "log you in" to his or her collection that is stored on some site, but then you're friend will never have to buy their own

I think there is a place for digital comics...but print will always be around. I don't think markjoanna will have to worry about digital being the only way to get comics. Maybe I'm wrong about that and in 10 or 15 years most print media is dead. If so and or you think that is the case...My advice is to stock up on print comics while you can. Get the new 52 and X men vs Avengers and whatever titles you like. Search the bargain bins, heck buy them out. If only digital is the future...Print will be like "the spice".

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