Top 5 Favourite Comic Book Stories Of All Time

My Personal Favourite Comic Book Stories

Everyone has they're favourite comic book storylines of all time in this i will tell you guys what mine are and i hope you guys tell me what yours are aswell i think its a great topic for people to talk about.

Before i start this i want to say that watchmen and the dark knight returns are not in this list. Not because i think they are bad dont get me wrong watchmen and the dark knight returns are amazing pieces of not just comics but fiction in general and if i wanted to put them on this list they would easily be in the top 3 but i feel it would be to easy to do that and i honestly have nothing new or interesting to say about them.

5.Captain America: Winter Soldier

A truly amazing story and a fantastic way to bring bucky back and has changed the face of captain america comics since so much so that its getting a movie based on it.

4.The Ultimates And The Ultimates 2

I know it seems like cheating but they really are one big story. Very relevent to the time they where written in and a great critque on politics specifically the bush administration a truly cinematic story.

3.Batman The Long Halloween

Amazing to say the least a great mystery and a perfect mix between super villains and gangsters and a great harvey dent story that improves on multiple reads also a story which the dark knight took plenty of story elements from and that cant be a bad thing.

2.Daredevil: Born Again

The best daredevil ever written in my opinion. Matt murdock is broken down until there is nothing left and finds the strength to build himself back up again after karen page indirectly sells matts secret idenity for just a small amount of drugs to his arch enemy the kingpin. One of frank millers finest works. It has great characters great emotion and most of all brilliant story

1.The Death Of Gwen Stacy

The story that single handedly ended the silver age and set the foundations for comic books to tell darker stories like watchmen and the dark knight returns to tell and perfect. The effect of this story still has a major effect on spider-man comics due to the fact that gwen has stayed dead. A story that shows the hero doesnt always win and how serious the consequences of there failure can be and how it can effect not just him but everyone around them and i cant wait to see how its done on screen.

Thats my top 5 comic book stories what are your's? sound off in the comments below guys.
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