TOP FOURS: Comic Book Movie Dads

TOP FOURS: Comic Book Movie Dads

In the latest Top Four article I took at look at some of the best dads from our favorite CBMs.

Hello CBMers!!!

Dads. Fathers. Pops. One of the more unsung roles in life. There's an old saying, something along the lines of; being a dad is easy, it takes a real man to be a father. I think that's it, or close enough. Don't quote me. In any regard, it's a saying in which there's an implication that being a good dad is difficult. That's very true, but just try being the father to a superhero though. Many of our favorite superheroes, well, their fathers; they don't last very long. However, they almost always have an indelible and lasting effect into the building of said super hero's character. In honor of Father's Day, this Top Fours article will take a look at the best poppas from comic book movies and the actors who performed admirably. Looking at the more traditional dad(mostly this is quantified to eliminate Uncle Ben. Sorry. Love your rice.), and of course it's all my opinion.

4)  Odin

Super Son:  Thor
Portrayed by:  Anthony Hopkins
From:  Thor, Thor: The Dark World

When we're first introduced to Thor, he's arrogant, immature, and impulsive. Hardly ready to become a king, a fact his father Odin identifies all to well. He sees that his son requires some humility, and he gives him tough love. Stripped of his power and banished to Earth, Thor would learn and gain the qualities that would make him a great superhero. Great job here by Odin, but alas where he succeeds with Thor, he fails with his other son Loki. Loki grows up with feelings of jealousy, distrust, and abandonment. Loki would become Thor's greatest adversary.

In the films, Anthony Hopkins portrays Odin with certain amount of graceful camp. In the sequel he chews scenes like Hannibal Lecter.

3)  Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm

Super Son:  Hellboy
Portrayed by:  John Hurt
From:  Hellboy

The first slight cheat, as Professor Bruttenholm is not Hellboy's father in a natural sense. In every other regard he is, and a loving father as well. He instills into Hellboy a great purpose and work ethic. At one time, Hellboy might've been the harbinger of destruction, but thanks to Bruttenholm he becomes a workman-like hero; protecting Earth from the things that go "bump in the night." A true testament to Bruttenholm's job, Hellboy is a person of genuine quality; someone it would be cool to hang out with.

In the films, John Hurt gives Bruttenholm a restrained sophistication with a subtle love for his son. Like all fathers he wants the best for his son.

2)  Thomas Wayne

Super Son:  Batman
Portrayed by:  Linus Roache
From:  Batman Begins

Everyone knows the ultimate, untimely fate of Bruce Wayne's father. Yet, in the few moments he had with his son, Thomas made such an impression that would inspire and help create one of the greatest superheroes. Thomas was a man who cared for his son tremendously, and expected great things of him. His philanthropic nature, would set an example to Bruce, instilling in him great altruism. The loss of Thomas and Martha, was so great in fact, Bruce devotes his life to preventing it from happening to anyone else as Batman.

Linus Roache's performance is strong, subtle, and quietly impactful. He few scenes demonstrate his compassionate nature, and displayed an important lesson; that of not being afraid to fail. As he says, "Why do we fall? So we can learn how to pick ourselves back up."

1)  Jor-El/Jonathon Kent

Super Son:  Superman
Portrayed by:  Russell Crowe/Kevin Costner
From:  Man of Steel

And here we have my second cheat. As I believe Jonathon Kent just as important in the molding of Superman as anyone. Now, the two fathers were incredibly different, yet wanted nothing but the best for their son, also while seeing something greater within said son. Jor-El believed his son would inspire an entire planet of people. Jonathon thought of the same potential, but feared the persecution of his son. Superman would use the two viewpoints, becoming a force for good someone to aspire to and an ultimate protector. Using his incredible powers for all of humanity.

On screen, Russell Crowe portrays an intelligent, hopeful, and tough figure; qualities seen in Superman as well. Kevin Costner gives Jonathon Kent an unheralded level of restraint, fear, and compassion; again qualities seen in Superman.

Well there it is, my article in honor of the upcoming Father's Day. I want to thank everyone who read, and feel free to comment on who some of your favorite comic book movie pops. 
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