Uncompromising Discourses Overviews Swamp Thing

Uncompromising Discourses Overviews Swamp Thing

What I bought, Why I bought and Why I continued buying. A self justifying reflective review on my personal purchase of Swamp Thing.

Feeling very happy for himself, he had been waiting several years to talk heartly in the third person for his love of DC comics (almost everything after Post-Identity Crisis sucked to him), he felt it was time to write about What he continues to enjoy from Swamp Thing in the third person. And he shall title this

"Swamp Thing 6 months and 1 week on" an epic and egotesticle title he says so himself.


Swamp Thing 69, he remembers his introduction to Rick Veitch's Swamp Thing at the tender age of 11, and later Alan Moore with an Issue one which certainly blowed him.. away. And so with that he had been waiting for a Swamp Thing run, with a unique voice which hadn't become overly codependent on on existing motif's, shock value horror and waterdown shadows of what was a great run (though admittedly he may have missed a decent run in there somewhere). At first he was not quite as impressed with the title as everyone else, cliched noiristic art, a de-aged Abby, scary peculair antagonists in the form of earth shattering rotting bugs (with half the chrm of the bugs in Joe's Apartment), and a plotline that followed Animal Man issue one to the letter, at every major theme and turning point!!

Animal Man VS Swamp Thing number one
A washed up superhero pining for the glory days (or memory of one), a super human event (meeting Superman VS saving a patient), living a mundane underclass existence tree logging vs family man, bugs and rot, a dream sequence with a cliffhanger for an inevitable road trip.

But slowly it began to grow on him, slowly realising that it's a reflection of Animal Man and the red, the antagonism of the the rot may be fitting therein, and thematically (though clearly not logically since only green can be argued are all connected by the ground) it works pretty well. Arcane's evil son works quite well and Abby (though plain as a character and would have probably suited the role of Tefe more) doesn't have an entirely unaestetically unaltruistic allure as a character, and structurally the layout is quite facinating. And for some reason purchase of this book became a regularity and then it dawned on him.. if the original Swamp Thing and this character are entirely different characters.. where's the nostalgia!!
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