<font color= red>UPDATE:</font> COMICS: Cover To DETECTIVE COMICS #18 - "Requiem"

Check out the first post-Batman Incorporated #8 glimpse of one of the Bat-family title covers. This should also dispel any rumors that the ending of Batman Inc. was some type of bait-and-switch. Updated with more Bat-family reaction covers:

Has everyone either read Batman Incorporated #8, or knows what happens in it at this stage? If not look away now....okay, so Damian Wayne dies. It's pretty well done, if a little quick, but that's why we have the fallout to come in future Bat-family titles - the first of which will be Detective Comics #18. Newsarama have inquired as to whether the "Requiem" branding would be appearing on all titles next week, but haven't had confirmation yet. What did you guys think of the events of Batman Incorporated?

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