UPDATED! Brent Sprecher Gets SPACED OUT With New Comic Mini-Series

<font color="red">UPDATED!</font> Brent Sprecher Gets SPACED OUT With New Comic Mini-Series

Former CBM editor and longtime contributor Brent Sprecher’s all-ages comedy adventure comic finally hitting the stands! Read on for a look at the cover and a few words from Brent himself. Updated with ordering info.

Galactus Intro: You old-timer CBMers may recall Brent from the early days of CBM. He was one of our very first editor volunteers and had a lot to do with the early success of our little website. He's gone on to bigger and better things, but one of his projects is about to hit the shelves and I thought we owed him some free promotion. So, head out to your local comic shop at the end of the month and get his comic. Support a fellow CBMer!

A note from Brent:
Hey, gang! To those of you who don’t remember me, I was a contributing writer and editor here at CBM back in the day. The illustrious Galactus gave me a forum to report about the comic book movies I love so much and you guys and gals welcomed me into the community with open arms, claws, tentacles, and such, and for that I am grateful. Some of you old timers — where you at, Ror? — might remember me hyping a comic book mini-series that I wrote back in 2008 called Spaced Out. The book never came out because the artist, my buddy Ramon Salas, got uber-busy doing other projects and simply didn’t have time. He didn’t give up on it, however, and all four issues are finally heading to the printers. The first issue will hit the stands February 26th, but most comic shops won’t carry it unless you request it so hook a brother up and order yourself a copy or three.

Spaced Out #1
Blast off for adventure with the world’s first/worst Astrochimp, Bops, as he finds himself transported to the distant planet Centroa. With the aid of his diminutive cohort Max and an outcast Scrounger named Sh’A La, Bops struggles to recover his missing spaceship and return home, even as the agents of the evil Overlord Jardu Krush close in around him. All-ages action-comedy.

Updated with ordering info. (Buy 3!)

SPACED OUT #1 (of 4) from Bluewater Comics

Available 2/26/14


Updated with sample interior pages

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