Visionbooks Bringing The "Motion" To Digital Comics

Visionbooks Bringing The "Motion" To Digital Comics

Last week CBM was introduced to Visionbooks and their new motion comics. After seeing what they're doing and spending some time with their app I decided that I had to spread the word to the CBM community. Did I mention that it's free?!

I have to be honest, we get a LOT of request to look at products, review things, etc., here at  Some are good, some are great, and others are hardly worth mentioning.  We were recently introduced to Visionbooks and their motion comics app, which is currently available via the App Store for iOS (an Android version is in the works).  I'm going to highlight one of the titles that actually has me pretty excited, with examples and videos of the actual comics.

Kade Original Sun #1

The very first. Kade has just barely survived his first encounter with the demon known as Apollyon. He is now on a journey to find the vagabond known as Kamric as he is the only person to ever survive facing Apollyon. Kade believes that he is the key to defeating the ominous demon. Kade will need the assistance of Ezra to find Kamric and to find redemption!

Here some examples of the artwork for Kade Original Sun. Not bad, right?


Now look at Kade Original Sun in the YouTube video below to see what it actually looks like in the Visionbooks app, pretty impressive, right?!

Visionbooks also sent us a video for New-Gen, which I've included below.  New-Gen exists in another dimension; a utopian society where human beings, creatures, and robots co-exist in complete harmony until a battle over nanotechnology rages between two superhuman scientists. Gabriel banishes his former friend, Deadalus, to The Underworld, sends his infant twin sons to Earth and takes in the young children and creatures affected by Nanotechnology. The children and creatures grow up possessing unique “NanoPowers” in the Association for the Protection of the New Generation (A.P.N.G.) and will oppose Deadalus as he evolves into the purely evil Sly whose goal is to transform worlds.

So far I've made it through half of the titles that Visionbooks has available, and I really like what I see.  There is a ton of potential with their app, and they seem to be going about things the right way.  They've described it as a "combination of a comic book and a video game", and I would have to agree with them.  The artwork and stories have been pretty good so far, and I imagine that it's only going to get better as they continue converting some of the classics, as well as the new comics.  They're working with smaller publishers right now, but they've got their sights set on the big boys, so hopefully they have some exciting news in the near future as they get the ball rolling with this new version of their app.

The best part?  IT'S FREE!  The app and all of the comics are free to download, and they don't plan on changing things any time soon.

There are currently 6 comics available for download, and they plan to release 2-3 new comics each month.

Official Website -
iOS Download -

I'm big into traditional comics, but digital comics, and these new motion comics, are starting to grow on me.  What do you think?
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