Weedbeater's Comic Reviews for 1/4/12

Weedbeater's Comic Reviews for 1/4/12

The first wave of the year. Only 9 issues

Action Comics #5
Written by: Grant Morrison
Drawn by: Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang
-Morrison’s book is kind of boring this issue, as he writes some pretentious space-science dialogue into it that gets old real fast. However, I dug the background story we got and getting to see Krypto. Also, the backup was really nice. Kubert should really replace Morales on art, because Kubert brings a sense of dynamics and flair to the series that Morales simply lacks. 3.5/5

Animal Man #5
Written by: Jeff Lemire
Drawn by: Travel Foreman
-Lemire finishes an arc and opens up another one with Animal Man #5 and it’s disappointing because next issue is a one shot story. However tantalizing the story may be, this kind of wait seems disappointing. That being said, I was impressed with Lemire’s use of horror in his script and his always impressive family dynamics. He makes these characters feel real and genuine, as opposed to a made-up, boring family. Foreman draws some seriously creepy artwork, with twisted, mangled bodies and wriggly faces all getting mashed and squished together in the panels. 4/5

Detective Comics #5
Written by: Tony S. Daniel
Drawn by: Tony S. Daniel and Sandu Florea
-That’s it I’m dropping Detective for good. This is boring, the story is boring, the dialogue is cliché, and we’ve seen this murder mystery done a million times before. Daniel is not a great writer. That being said, his artwork is fantastic and should be the only reason you buy this. 2.5/5

Justice League International #5
Written by: Dan Jurgens
Drawn by: Aaron Lopresti
-Jurgens sort of concludes the Peraxxus story in this issue and the team gets some much-needed character development. This series was on the chopping block for me last issue but I think I might stick with it because we’re getting some humorous moments and team interaction. Guy and Booster even start to develop a mutual respect for each other. Lopresti’s artwork is decent as usual, with some manga-style line work blending seamlessly with Western art. 3.5/5

Static Shock #5
Written by: Scott McDaniel
Drawn by: Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens
-McDaniel has done some decent writing on this book but this one was completely nonsensical. I mean, I liked the witty dialogue and action scenes but the plot was pretty barebones and thin. The artwork is nice even though the facial work leaves much to be desired. Hopefully things get straightened out next issue. 3.5/5

Swamp Thing #5
Written by: Scott Snyder
Drawn by: Yanick Paquette
-It goes without saying that Swamp Thing is one of the best books of the 52. Snyder crafts a horror tale like no other in his generation and his work is complimented by Paquette’s art nicely. I like that Snyder is developing Alec as a character whilst expanding upon the Rot and his destiny as Swamp Thing. I can’t wait for the collaboration with Animal Man, and I know Snyder will do well with Lemire on it. The art is incredibly nice as well, with Paquette playing with borders and negative space like a goddamn genius. His line work is luscious and creepy at the same time. Swamp Thing is great and consistent. 4.5/5

Sweet Tooth #29
Written by: Jeff Lemire
Drawn by: Jeff Lemire
-Jeff Lemire gets us back to the main story to show us that one month has passed and all is not well. We get some solid moments for the female characters and great moments for Jepperd. The twist in the book is only making this book more interesting and Lemire’s sharp, angular pencils are fantastic. 4/5

Defenders #2
Written by: Matt Fraction
Drawn by: Terry Dodson
-Defenders continues to be absolutely fun chaos and I love it. Normally I hate Fraction and his inability to balance story time for characters but it fits with this wacky, manic Defenders. A lot of action and a lot of talking get decent artwork treatment by Dodson, but his faces are scrunchy and messed up. 3.5/5

Punisher #7
Written by: Greg Rucka
Drawn by: Matthew Clark
-Rucka does some solid work this week on Punisher making last issue’s story a little less confusing. I’m digging Clark’s dark, shading-heavy art as it makes the Punisher as grim as he needs to be. This whole series actually feels like it’s giving the Punisher character some much needed depth. 4/5
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