What Crossovers in TV should happen?

What Crossovers in TV should happen?

In this article I list three crossovers in Television I would love to see. Hope you enjoy!

Crossovers. Who doesn't love them? With rumors emerging about the Jump Street/Men in Black movie, or the episode of SuperWhoLock which fangirls are unapologetically clamoring for, I thought, what are some crossovers I would love to see? Here are my top three.

3. 30 Rock/Unbreakable Kimmy Schimidt

Both take place in New York, both are incredibly funny, and both are written by Tina Fey. Yes, Unbreakable KS is still in it's Netflix infancy, and 30 Rock finished almost two years ago, but a crossover episode just seems to scream with potential. Yes some of the characters are played by the same actors, but even that could make for some entertaining scenes. If not a full on crossover, then perhaps a small cameo from some of the characters? 

2. Breaking Bad/Orange is The New Black

Now, I want to clarify, this wouldn't include Walter, or Mike, or Jesse. Its about Walter's wife, who, after being discovered to be laundering money for Heisenberg, is sent to prison. Guess which prison she goes to? You guessed it. Now I realize that Orange Is The New Black is based on a true story, but sometimes it's okay to take creative liberties. I think this could make for an interesting storyline, but it seems very unlikely. 

1. Supernatural/American Horror Story

Now, when I say AHS, I'm referring to the stories in the series set within the modern day. Namely coven. (Spoilers for AHS coven ahead.) Remember at the end of the series when the witches come out to the world? Imagine Sam and Dean rushing to the house to kill some witches, who of course fight back. In my opinion these shows would fit well together in a crossover. Imagine Lucifer returning and seeing Misty Day and saying "Hey, you look like a girl I possessed once." I think this could make for an awesome crossover.

I hope you guys enjoyed my ideas for TV crossovers! Leave your comments below, let me know what crossovers you'd like to see!


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