What Movies/TV Shows should be adapted to Comic Books?

What Movies/TV Shows should be adapted to Comic Books?

What Movies/TV Shows should be adapted to comic books? Here are my picks!

There are a lot of great Movies and TV Shows which leave a few storylines open. What is a great way to close these stories? Comic books. If you spend time on this website, you probably love them. And these are some storylines I would love to see continued in the fantastic medium.

3. The Doctor's Daughter - Doctor Who

If you're a whovian, you probably remember this character, who after a fairly awesome introduction in a pretty great episode, was ignored from then on. Guys. It's been seven years. The Doctor has regenerated twice since the birth of this badass half Timelord. Sure, he thought she was dead when he left, but if she was going to make a comeback, surely it would've happened by now. So if she isn't planning to come back in the show, then why not start a comic detailing her adventures? Trying to catch up with her father but only arriving in the aftermath of his adventures, or alternatively, just having adventures of her own. The episode was very open ended, and did elude to her coming back, but obviously Moffat isn't interested. Give her a comic! Name? The Doctor's Daughter, just like the episode. Fun Fact- The actress who portrayed Jenny is the actual daughter of the fifth daughter, and is married to the tenth. Isn't that weird? 
Who could write it? Niel Gaiman. He writes Doctor Who, Sandman and has dabbled in other comics. I think he would work perfectly. 

2. You May Now Kill The Bride - Kill Bill

Remember the first person The Bride kills in Volume 1? Remember her daughter walking in and the bride telling her that when she's grown up she can come for her? That's your plot. She's all grown up, and she's coming for the bride. I realize Tarantino has plans for a Kill Bill Volume 3, but I have a bad feeling it may have passed its time, and may work better as a Graphic Novel. And instead of the Iconic Kill Bill title (Bill is nowhere to be found, he's dead remember), I vote for a new name. "You May Now Kill The Bride". Just a suggestion. 
Who could write it? Well, obviously Tarantino is the only man for the job, but at a push Mark Millar could maybe pull it off. I'd rather just bring back the creator though.

1. Dark Symbol - The Dark Knight Trilogy

A few people wanted a sequel to the brilliant Dark Knight Trilogy, but personally, I don't. I want a comic series. I realize Batman already has multiple comic series, but this would be a very separate thing. Firstly, it would be set exclusively in the Nolan-Verse. That world is a great setting for a comic book! Secondly, Joseph Gordon Levitt's character would not be Batman, nor would he be Nightwing, or Red Robin. He would be a new vigilante. Sure, he would be some variation on the Bat-Family, but it would be a new vigilante persona. Continuing the canon of the Nolan Verse would be a step in a great direction for DC comics. You could even do variations of famous villains that didn't make it into the Nolan-verse films but could still work in a realistic setting. I love this idea, because I'd love to see what happened to this character after the events of TDKR. Name? Dark Symbol. 
Who could write it? Once again, I would prefer to have Christopher Nolan back to write this comic, but Zack Snyder could definitely pull it off, if he's not too busy with his primary Batman title. 

So those are some Movies and TV shows I would love to see continued in comics. Will they happen? Never say never, but it seems unlikely. What are your opinions? What Movies/TV shows would you like to see continued into everyone's favorite medium? Thanks for reading!
- CapedCruVader
Twitter - @Dyannaghas

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